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Full Version: Do I need to calibrate my Nerdseq ?
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Hi Nerdseq family,

I have a question. Perhaps stupid so please, don't shoot me !
I'm using the Intellijel Scale with my Nerdseq to be able to do this https://youtu.be/YgbunX6VbMY?t=549 : 
  • Nerdseq CV out to pitch input of Scale
  • Nerdseq trigger out to trigger input of Scale 

But as soon as I do it, the pitch of my VCO goes crazy high even with a note such as D2.
I did tune my VCO with the 1U Zeroscope to be on a C which is the root note of the Scale.  

I did a little video : https://youtu.be/K8QxCQ9O8D8

If you have an idea, please let me know Smile

Thank you
I checked the voltage with Camelo and they are fine. So it must be some setting with the Intellijel Scale
I have to admit you are always here to help. Thank you very much !