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Full Version: Double note off message midi
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Hi all, i'm running into some strange behaviour here. For some reason the Nerdseq completely mutes some of my midi instruments when it sends two midi note off messages "[   ] 00" after each other. Is there a way to work around this? Right now when i'm recording polyphonic midi, i have to manually find the double note off messages and delete them by hand. After that, everything works fine, but it's a bit of a pain honestly Sad

Thanks! Smile
I think there is nearly no chance to avoid this and the main problem is the bug in your Midi gear. No kidding, additional note-off messages should never get your gear out of control.
The reason why it is hard to avoid this is because you can fill in 4 times notes and these take care that the notes which have been started there will also be stopped correctly..to avoid hanging notes. And if you for example used the same note in multiple columns, you could also get a 2 times note on and off situation.

I also have one synth here which does odd things on additional note-off.
So for now there is no cure for this. I will think of a strategy to avoid additional note-off by adding a additional filter. But first i got to get some other things finished.
Big Grin Thought so too, regarding the midi-gear.. But thought I'd have much better chances solving this from the Nerdseq-side, as it's a much more versatile device. As for the solving, I think something like the ability to delete or have ignored all midi note off values within the sequence, from the Track-settings menu would already be of great help. That way the user decides wether the messages are ignored or not. But i understand the priority for other things Smile Thanks anyway!