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Full Version: mark / delete not working
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Hello all. 
Today my nerdseq arrived and i started digging into it. Is it correct that i cannot mark or delete patterns in the sequencer screen when the nerdseq is running. Even if the pattern itself is not running? In the pattern section this works. But in the sequencer section the border is not highlited and the function itself doesn't work, too. 

Am i doing something wrong?

I am running version 1.20

Thats right. This is for multiple reasons (and discussed several times).

One is that you avoid to delete or overwrite patterns that are currently playing or already marked to be played next. Worst case this could be destructive leaving you playing nothing. The pattern arrangement is the only part where this (and delete) is avoided currently, all other parts can be edited/copy/mark/paste....
thank you. to be honest, i tried searching for this but the search told me there where no results..

on the other hand i would love to have this option because copying seems essential to my. unless i am missing another feature here, which could very well be the case since i have the module for just a few hours Smile