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Full Version: play step every nth loop?
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Hello. is there an effect to make a certain step play every nth loop? i know this function from the elektron sequencers where you can tell a step to for example only play every second time.  this enables a lot of variation within a small amount of actual steps.

dunno if this is already there or is this could be a useful feature to be considered?

I heared about this kind of feature in the elektron hardware and it was discussed also before. It is indeed on my list, but not high on the list.
yes, i guess that this kind of functions are not a common thing within trackers
I don't think it has anything to do with trackers. I'm sure other trackers have this kind of functions (which most probably also run on much powerfull computers with more memory etc) It's more that i keep adding features and some get more attention and others don't. I try to keep the NerdSEQ and own thing and not a copy of XYZ. I even don't orientate on other trackers anymore since a long time.