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Full Version: one question about groove
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maybe again just some misunderstanding on my side. but, how exactly is the groove setting working? from my understanding i can offset the actual trigger of a step by changing the value of steps groove. however, it seems that if i do so, not only that step, but the whole pattern is affected by that.

how is it used properly? i seem to not understand it
Groove can be used any way you like, but ideally if you're trying to keep all the patterns/tracks in "sync" you make sure that by the end of the pattern it adds up to the original total of ticks (this is how I mentally handle it), so if you wanted swing, you would subtract from 6, and then add whatever you subtracted elsewhere (usually the step immediately after).
thanks. this makes sense... i wasn't aware of the fact that the total substeps add together and thus the actual pattern length is modified
It's even that with a groove a step length is modified...which is of course not necessary the gatelength.
so, one can even create somekind of polyrythms by using just the groove setting and not altering the step count at all
Exactly. The sickest polyrhythms you can imagine Smile
just tried it :) the more i do the more i love the sequencer. previously i was more into pure random regenerative patching and the nerdseq now gives so many opportunities.