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Full Version: Transpose with CV Input?
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When i want to transpose using a cv input i am facing an issue. since i am using my rene which outputs 0 to 5v the whole sequence is played with unwanted low notes. i think it is because the input wants between 0 and 10v? so would i need to offset the rene output by 5v? 

is this how it is ment to be done? or is there some funtion in the nerdseq to handle such inputs and just add the voltage as transpose offset? if not Smile is it possible to request this feature to add offsets to the inputs or to have a software switch for 0..10v / -5...5v for them?
Hey, yes, the inputs can handle from 0 to 10 Volt and so the middle point is the 'no transpose' point. Voltages higher transpose up and voltages lower transpose down. It is not possible to change the 'no transpose' point and they are no plans for it currently.
ok, thanks. guess it is time for an offset module Smile
(12-14-2019, 09:18 PM)ello Wrote: [ -> ]ok, thanks. guess it is time for an offset module Smile

Haha, it's always time for a offset module Big Grin