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Full Version: trigger question
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Trigger goes high without a value in the trigger column when there is a note value in the cv column.  Is this the normal functioning? 

Here are a few pictures of the trigger going to the er301 so I could see what is happening.  Pictures 1 and 2 is a normal trigger, 3 and 4 no trigger. 

Yes, that is expected functionality. It's really useful when triggering EGs with sustain, where you can then close with [ ] in the Note column or 00 in Trigger column (or at least that's how I use it).
I've always used FE in the trigger column to keep the gate high but didn't know that leaving it empty did the same thing.

thanks for the clarification.
Exactly. That is the 'autogate' function. If you don't want it to autogate, either use the trigger column to overrule it or use KILL000 to ignore it.