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Full Version: Automator FX and Randomize Next FX (possible bug?)
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I'm using the latest 1.20 firmware.

I was trying to figure out a way to trigger a new random value from a White Noise LFO.

I set up Automator 0 to have White Noise as the shape and set it to a very low speed. Then, in a pattern, used the Automator FX to reset the LFO (ASL0 101). I found that the White Noise has the same values it goes through and isn't like a pseudo-random number generator (or, it's being seeded with the same value every time?).

I realized I can also change the Phase of the Automator in an FX (ASL0 900) to get different values when I reset the LFO (ASL0 101). So, I tried the RNDM FX to randomly change the value of the ASL0 900 FX.

This issue is if I use the RDMN FX on the ASLx FX, it randomizes all three numbers, rather than the last two. The first digit of the ASLx FX sets which parameter in the Automator gets altered and the last two digits sets the value. So, it just randomly picks a parameter to randomly change the value to, rather than randomly just changing the value of the chosen parameter.

I'm not sure if this is intended or a bug? Either way, I'd really like for the RNDM to only effect the last two digits for the ASLx FX, if that's possible.
Yep you are right.
Currently the random next FX is not too smart to see what kind of value is being randomized.
I will add it to the 2do list so that it keeps the kind of Automator setting and changes only the payload.