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Full Version: NerdSEQ Portable progess
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good, because I don't have money to spend on it now anyway Wink
An update about the NerdSEQ portable.

Since my last information the situation changed a lot and the current component shortage, especially silicon chips, is creating a big problem for the NerdSEQ portable to be finished soon. Some of the components got 52+ weeks lead time from now (which doesn't mean that these are available then) and I am not going the risky way to source components from dubious brokers for multiple the price.

In short words...NerdSEQ portable is delayed and will not be possible this year and then we will see what's happening after that.
Thanks for the update, Thomas.

I, and I’m certain others do too, really appreciate the transparency. Hopefully we’ll all get to see the light at the end of this crazy tunnel sometime soon.
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