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Full Version: Extend JUMP FX function
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Hi Forum,

I'd like to see a JUMP command that is executed a set number of times.

I could also see use for JUMP conditional on one of the CV inputs, i.e. CV above/equal/below a certain value/note.

Kind regards,
If you have a good Idea about how to implement that into the current commands (within the digits of the FX), that would be nice. If I add something it has to fit into the current workflow without any extra special setting for functions. So a special CV function for one FX is not really something I would add.
You could route a probability from the automators to a FX and the source could be a CV input. Then you could set a high/full probability or zero to get a 'execute' or mostly don't execute condition.
Hi Thomas,

I've thought a bit and the requirement to stay within the existing command framework kind of defies "proper" interface design, but here I go:

As suggested by you PRF1/2/3/4 shall be used to provide an additional parameter.

BRK 2xx jumps n times to row/position xx in the same pattern (forward and backwards). n is provided by PRFx. I don't know wether allowing for more than 100 rounds is required (read: I think 100 repetitions is enough).

BRK 3xx/4xx/5xx/6xx conditionally jumps to row/position xx in the same pattern (forward and backwards). The condition is TRUE when CV In 1/2/3/4 is "high" (I don't think that comparing CV In 1/2/3/4 against a specific value provided by PRFx would be more useful - others may differ).

I'm not convinced the above provides for a clean interface, but w/o adding new mnemonics that seems to be the best I could come up with.

Kind regards,