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  FX to visually select pattern row.
Posted by: jeff.r.day - 05-27-2024, 06:36 PM - Forum: Feature requests - No Replies

I would like to suggest an FX command to visually move the selection cursor to a particular row on the sequencer screen.  This way, if someone has an indefinitely looping pattern, they can have it automatically place the cursor in the correct spot so that when they are ready to move ahead into the next part of the performance they simply have to press Shift+Start to continue at the intended next place instead of visually navigating to it with the cursors while performing.

It doesn't matter to me which track type this is available on, but probably at least MIDI or I2C/Multi would make sense.  Syntax could be similar to STSP command where 00 could keep the current column or 01 to 08 could set the cursor to a new column as well?

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  cursor jumps to unexpected position
Posted by: chriswest - 05-26-2024, 12:11 PM - Forum: Beauty and less important bugs/glitches - Replies (1)

noticed that when using (down) from starting point  E0, the cursor will move to FE as opposed to of F0. not sure if bug or intentional to indicate arriving on last "page".

(05-26-2024, 12:11 PM)chriswest Wrote: noticed that when using (down) from starting point  E0, the cursor will move to FE as opposed to of F0. not sure if bug or intentional to indicate arriving on last "page".

i guess i'm also noticing now also that the last row ends on FE instead of FF, which i would have expected. I'm guessing there's probably a reason for this.

as a consumer that organizes their patterns and variations with colors per page the last "page" having 15 rows instead of 16 gives me mild anxiety. just throwing this out there  Angel

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  Euclidean rhythms problem when set via I2C and Mapping
Posted by: SynthBu - 05-25-2024, 11:54 PM - Forum: Beauty and less important bugs/glitches - Replies (2)

I setup a Michigan Synth Works F8R faderbank to talk with my Nerdseq using I2C. I even made a video about it. But today I realized there is a problem when use a fader to set a Euclidean rhythm. 

The problem is that the Euclidean beats are not set unless the associated fader is moved while in the Pattern window. This also means that the Euclidean beat values at bootup are not set correctly since at bootup one is not in the Pattern window. 

I was careful to try different scenarios and am confident about the nature of the problem (at first I thought it was just a bootup problem).

Using the F8R via I2C and mappings to control BPM works just fine. And I know that the Nerdseq is getting the proper settings of the faders via I2C since in the Mapping Settings window I can see that all of the values are correct both at bootup and when I move any of the faders (a great feature of the Mapping Settings window!). Therefore I don't think this is an IC2 issue.

The problem is only that Euclidean beats are not updated at bootup or when moving a slider, unless one happens to be in the Pattern window for the appropriate track. It is not just the visual representation of the Euclidean beats in the Pattern window. When I play the pattern it corresponds to the incorrect beats that are displayed.

There might be additional track related params that exhibit the same problem. I don't know since I have not tried setting other track params via a mapping. 

Video showing the problem: https://youtu.be/jRWph2hVVWQ

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  Linnstrument recording, and midi features
Posted by: alexsomma - 05-24-2024, 08:37 PM - Forum: General Questions - No Replies


I'm trying to record a Linnstrument (midi controller) performance on the Nerdseq and I can't figure out how to record the pitchbend, or how to get the Z axis (pressure) and Y (CC 1) axis recorded simoultaneously. I want to play and sequence the modular with it and not a midi synth.

It seems the most straight forward way would be to use a midi track, which records everything I need and then simply assign the pitch with pitchbend, the aftertouch and the Y axis (CC) to the desired outputs. I was hoping this was possible with mapping but it doesnt seem the midi going out is an available mapping source?

Here there seems to be two limitations.
1. Even though I can hear the pitchbends going via the Nerdseq to the Oscillator V/oct while performing, these do not end up in the recording of modular tracks. If I use a midi track I can see pitchbend information recorded in the FX column, but if I clone the miditrack to modular its still does not play back the pitchbends.
2. I could not find a way to set the range of the pitchbend, so It's not mapping to the Linnstrument (which can do 1 or more octave pitchbends) in the correct way.

I was able to record the channel aftertouch by using the MIDI -> MOD and pointing it to a mapping row where I'm reading the channel aftertouch and setting it to GLOB MREC.
I suppose I could set another track to record the CC1, but then I would have to add both tracks specifically in the midi settings instead of using the handy Trk Select Rec. I'd also end up with two tracks to describe one monophonic performance.

Is there a better way to capture this midi information on the nerdseq and have it play back on the modular?


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  CV in -> Audio Out
Posted by: LorisH - 05-24-2024, 07:02 AM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (1)


I wanted to try if it was possible to use one of the CV inputs as a lofi Analog to digital converter and send back the sampled signal to one of the audio/mod outputs using the mapping matrix.

The idea behind that would be for example to be able to intentionaly send frequencies higher than what is the ADC capable of sampling to create aliasing effect and layer it with the original sound. The dual conversion process would also introduce some delay on the sampled signal so even if the sampling theorem is respected, the time difference between the two signals would give some coloring to the sound by constructive/destructive interference.

Unfortunately I saw that this was not possible so I tried sending the sending to the one of the mod outputs but although I could definitely get some signal, even ensuring that my input signal (a sine wave from my HertzDonut mkII) is in a 0-10V range and has a frequency lower than the Fs/2 of the ADC (1000Hz if I understood correctly), the results is really noisy and glitchy (which is kind of cool but not what I was expecting).

The questions are therefore related :
- did I get something wrong concerning the CV ins or mod out regarding their capabilities in this context? 
- am I doing something wrong ?
- Is sending something to the audio outs really impossible from the CV ins ?
- Is there a workaround to this ?

I'd be glad to have your inputs Smile
Cheers !

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  Video tutorial on how to user F8R via IC2
Posted by: SynthBu - 05-22-2024, 12:16 AM - Forum: Tips & Tricks - No Replies

I liked the idea of adding to my NerdSeq additional input devices, like a Michigan Synth Works F8R fader, that I wanted to make it easier for others to do so. Therefore I created this video for those who happen to be interested in adding this great functionality, but who don't want to spend a bunch of time figuring out the quirks.



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  Question concerning midi to i2c
Posted by: Zosimos - 05-14-2024, 05:16 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (1)

Using the matrix I want to send midi data to my er-301 via i2c. First thing I noticed is that it doesn’t seem to track v/oct or whatever the equivalent would be in i2c. Sending gate info works perfectly. Here’s what I am doing: 


Is this incorrect or does this thread belong under feature request?

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  knob turn + OK button causes value jumps
Posted by: OhJay - 05-13-2024, 05:09 PM - Forum: Beauty and less important bugs/glitches - Replies (2)

I'm getting some odd behavior whereby turning the multi knob and pressing the OK button to audition the changes, causes the value to suddenly jump to almost max after a few button presses. It works absolutely fine in the notes column, and in fact is really fun to "jam" with the knob while holding down the OK button.

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  Superbooth 2024
Posted by: XORadmin - 05-12-2024, 03:39 PM - Forum: Company News - No Replies

And I will be there again and bring some new goodies:


Superbooth 2024 is coming up and you can meet me and those 2 upcoming expanders together with the whole NerdSEQ ecosystem and its latest firmware features at booth Z240! On the left side there is the Dualchord expander for the NerdSEQ. And this time one that makes sound!! Basically it is a hq multi-oscillator with 2 times 4 voices with each 4 mixable waveforms (sine, saw, triangle, pulse) which means that 32 waves are running at the same time. Additional features like detune, spread, PWM, Stereo Effects, 8 LFO, 4 free assignable knobs, 2 trigger/gate and more. Completely paraphonic playable and controllable from each NerdSEQ track. Perfect for nice multi-octave chords, drones and your cheesy 80's analogue-ish synth sounds combined with a filter and an envelope.
On the right side the ART add on which is the bridge between the NerdSEQ and Tiptop Audio ART range of modules. Totally integrated polyphonic sequence of the ART ecosystem.
We love para-polyphonic!
It is definitely worth to come by...even if you fear the NerdSEQ [Image: 1f47e.png]

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  SetUp + Scales
Posted by: joesh - 05-12-2024, 10:12 AM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (6)

Would it possible to explain what the SetUp section of Scales is for? I see you can change it, but as soon as you leave the screen, and then return it's always back to the 00 (or the Global setting). How do we work with this, or what is it's purpose?

Lastly, I'm still trying to figure out how to have a scale 'setup', and also put notes outside of that scale in the melody. As a simple example, if I want to have as a rule C mixolydian, but still put in 'B' natural in the pattern section (for one track), how do I do this?

Thanks in advance.

BTW, the only solution I've found (which is maybe your plan) is to add in a note - in this case set 40 in the track, add the B in the scale notes right column, and select Edit so that if I use Random only the Mixolydian scale with C as it's root is used. Could this be the answer to my question?

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