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  Copy/Paste only steps that have a value?
Posted by: lightbreaker - 01-29-2023, 11:03 AM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (1)

Hey everyone,

I'm new here and only have my Nerdseq for a few days. I've been watching lots of videos on the Nerdseq and been reading through the manual before I made the purchase, so luckily I found my way around really quickly once it was here.

While composing I was trying to find a way to copy values from one pattern to the next without empty steps from the original pattern overwriting steps that have values in the pattern I want to copy into.

Suppose these are my two patterns:

P1 | P2
C  | E
-- | G
D  | F
-- | A

I want to copy P1 into P2 so that after P2 should look like this, ignoring the blank values from P1:



Is this possible with some button combo or setting I haven't found yet? I've already tried to find an answer on the forum or elsewhere online, but without luck.

Sorry to bother with a newbie question and thanks for any help!

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  Automate LFO 0 stops by Track Assign change
Posted by: Rassell - 01-27-2023, 09:15 PM - Forum: Beauty and less important bugs/glitches - Replies (1)


it took a while for me to find out, why the Automater 0, assigned to an LFO in my current project, stoped working.

In the Track Assing-Options, when assigning "Track 8"  for "More CV 16" is set, the LFO stops playing while in play-mode.

It´s not a big thing, there is an easy workaround for that issue. Just use another Track. 

But I was worried...

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  Can sample tracks but used as cv or trigger tracks rather than sampler
Posted by: converted - 01-27-2023, 07:32 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (4)

Hi , I'm.still waiting on my nerdseq...plus cv, gates and midi expander.

I was wondering about the flexibility of the tracks , 

like tracks 7 /8

Can they also be used as standard cv/gate or trigger tracks ..?

It's un likely I would need more than 6 cv/gate or trigger tracks ......but just wondering.

I guess the fx lanes / tracks  are also tied to main tracks ....like 8 in total?

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  Midi Velocity to CV
Posted by: kaspar - 01-23-2023, 10:10 AM - Forum: Feature requests - Replies (2)

I can send triggers via Midi in a Trigger16 track (in my case to a sampler). Would be so great to get the Midi Velocity, too..

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  IO EXPANDER [midi] vs the midi trs expander
Posted by: converted - 01-22-2023, 10:36 PM - Forum: NerdSEQ Expanders - Replies (2)

Hi , can anyone tell me there is any difference in
Using the IO midi expander vs using the trs midi expander?

Obviously the connections are different, but is there any difference between using 1 or the over ?

I don't need the game port and size wise it might work better to use the trs version

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  Add "Start immediately" option to STSP
Posted by: mgd - 01-22-2023, 07:19 PM - Forum: Feature requests - Replies (2)

Just like the CBPB 0xx/1xx command can either be active with upon the next queue point or immediately I would like to add a similar option to the STSP command. This would be a very convenient way to resync tracks that have been playing at different tempos/clock divisions. For a moment I had thought CBPB 8xx would do the job, but that one doesn't start on the first step.
So basically I want the STSP 0xx changed into STSP 00xx and the new STSP 10xx for an instant jump (and of course the 1txx with t = 1..8 for the track number)

Kind regards,

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  Live Input Tweak
Posted by: ipassenger - 01-20-2023, 05:58 PM - Forum: Feature requests - No Replies


Wonder if we could have an addition to the live input modes?

Like the CV+Gate and CV+Trigger modes but one that allows you to have a gate signal on the second input control whether the CV at the first input is recorded. Ideally this would have a MOD input mode equivalent too.

So CV+Arm and MOD+Arm input modes, so you hit record and if the gate is high it records values into CV or MOD and when the gate is low, it just plays back with no replace.

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  How many expander combos can you add to nerdseq
Posted by: converted - 01-19-2023, 08:23 PM - Forum: NerdSEQ Expanders - Replies (1)

Hi ,

Is it possible to connect , say the midi expander , more cv expander and video as well ??

Or is it limited to what combos you can

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  Can the nerd send pitch over midi with the expander?
Posted by: converted - 01-18-2023, 09:58 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (2)

Hi all , I'm a newbie and going to purchase the NerdSEQ v soon.

Looks fantastic form the videos I've seen 

Anyone know if you can send midi pitch out per track as well as midi input pitch / notes in ....

With a midi expander of course

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  MOD changing value
Posted by: marek - 01-18-2023, 02:46 PM - Forum: Beauty and less important bugs/glitches - Replies (2)


I ran through the section and did not find anything like this, so here is the thing:

I started to experience this after updating to v01.27c. I have a few notes in the pattern and on the first row - 00 - I have MOD set to 400. This way it is set for the whole patter if not defined otherwise in another row.

In another pattern for the same track, I have MOD set to 000. MOD in this case is controlling dry/wet signal of the effect. But sometimes I hear the wet signal is leaking from the effect that should be 100% dry. I noticed that on the right side of the pattern view, I can see MOD very slightly raising after playing the first row with MOD set to 000, even though there is nothing filled in in the next rows. I corrected it by filling - 000 - in to MOD column next to every note.

Another thing is, it is not happening all the time. At the moment I'm not able to replicate it and it is working fine. Has anyone experienced this?

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