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  Do you pair your Nerdseq with another sequencer?
Posted by: depaffect - 07-26-2021, 11:19 AM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (2)

Just a question for my fellow users!

Do you have another sequencer that you pair with Nerdseq? Perhaps for more "hands on" control? Maybe something that interacts with Nerdseq?

I have been using it with Make Noise Rene 2 which can be fun, but the lack of easy gate length control on the Rene 2 is a bit of a bummer. And to be honest, it seems faulty as of today which leads me to think a replacement is impending. Or perhaps Nerdseq is fine by itself and I don't need another sequencer. 

Curious to hear your experiences!

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  MIDI Quantization not accurate?
Posted by: Demure - 07-26-2021, 10:40 AM - Forum: Beauty and less important bugs/glitches - No Replies

Usually I enter notes through step input or just through the interface, the few times I've tried live MIDI recording I felt like I couldn't hold a beat (I am an amateur after all), but I've used some quantized recorders since where I don't run into these issues.

However, trying harder I feel like something's a little off with the step quantization of the recorded notes, I've made a small recording to show the issue. It starts with a lead in, followed by me recording 4 bars of stuff live, followed by the pattern playing it back.

I've noticed the 'off' keys are the ones who are put down as longer than a single gate (so gate open / next step gate close) notes that are often off by a full step, so they start a step earlier but the gate close command is in the right spot.

I'm using a launchpad to play and don't hold the keys long at all, here I even tried to hit them as short as possible to avoid them being put as  longer notes.

Is this normal behaviour and am I just bad? Angel 


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  Modwheel to MOD output?
Posted by: schematicwizard - 07-25-2021, 02:46 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (3)

I'm using the Nerseq IO-Expander and Firmware v1.24.1. My midi controller is an Arturia Keylab 88 MKII.

I'm trying to assign the MIDI Modwheel input messages or MIDI Velocity input messages on a specific channel to a MOD output (on any track of the nerdseq) and can't find the way to do so. I found in the "modular setup" menu a setting called Midi -> MOD with two possible values: CC#1 and Velocity. Neither of them seems to be working and I can't figure out why...

Pitchbend and midi note/trigger are working perfectly. I can monitor the Modwheel/Velocity messages in another midi receiving device.

Any help?

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  The Omega Variant
Posted by: Liquidcolor - 07-24-2021, 05:43 PM - Forum: Everything Else - No Replies

This is the first track I’ve done in a decade! The NerdSeq has totally re-ignited my love for making electronic music. I’ve posted a few YouTube videos of the patch/track in progress but I’ve finally put a fork in it. Finished! I want to thank Thomas for making such a genius and intuitive sequencer available. 


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  What is the Best Practice w/r to using the CV16 LFOs (and Envelopes)?
Posted by: mgd - 07-24-2021, 12:59 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (2)


If I understand it correctly the CV16 NSA comes with its own 8 LFOs and 8 Envelopes. What is the suggested way to access these?
And which LFOs/Envelopes are configured by the Automator Screen?
Those of the NerdSEQ Main Module?

I'm aware that I could program the CV16 LFOs by using FX (e.g. by having a dedicated "setup pattern" that's setting these things). Is there another way?

In other words:
If I had 4 CV16 NSA my understanding is that I could have a total of 40 different LFOs and 40 different Envelopes (incl. the NerdSEQ Main Module). Correct?
Is there a nice and comprehensive way to access/program all of these?

Kind regards,

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  Difference between LFO Noise and Random?
Posted by: mgd - 07-24-2021, 09:55 AM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (5)


I've been playing with the 8 LFOs on one of my CV16 and from what I can see they easily replace "normal" LFOs for my average modulation purpose - well done. Together with the 8 envelopes that alone seems worth another CV16 and possibly even another NerdSEQ...will have to save some cash for that Big Grin

Anyway, here's a question regarding the LFO waveforms Noise and Random:
What exactly is the difference between the two?
From my experiments I deduce they both provide some form of S&H with Noise being much more erratic and Random delivering smaller jumps.

Could someone (Thomas?) provide more details as to what it actually is?

Somehwere else in the manual it says "white and pink noise". Is the S&H from Noise based on white noise while Random is based on pink noise?
Or something else?

Kind regards,

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  original/factory sample pack somewhere?
Posted by: wirlebenmarlene - 07-22-2021, 04:34 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (2)

Hi folks,

I think i deleted the samples coming with the nerdseq, are there somewhere in the forum or internet or is someone kind enough to send them? wd appreciate messing around with these sounds, i remember some of them were quite fun, especially the rave ones Smile

all the best!

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  Glide questions
Posted by: geremy - 07-21-2021, 02:17 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (11)

Hi, I have read every mention of Glide in the manual and the userforum.  I still have a lot of questions about glide.  I tried to do it just by listening, but I haven't had much luck in cracking the code yet.

I understand that there are two parameters that control glide - time & steps.

I guess I don't understand how the glide time maps to actual time, and what the defaults are for glide steps.  If I just want a smooth glide between notes, do I have to manipulate the steps value or leave on default 0? Being that FX1 is executed before FX2, which setting should I manipulate first? Also, I assume if I turn glide on in a row (by setting time >0) then the glide will occur between that row and the next row (and every subsequent row until I set time back to 0).  So if I set glide time in row 3 >0, and set it to 0 in row 4, I will only glide between the notes one 3 & 4, correct? A pictogram similar to the one for the trigger value may be warranted here.

Can this be explained in more detail?  Is glide steps default 0 maximum steps or minimum steps?  Is the number of steps related to bit-depth?  If steps value is high but time is low, what happens?

Also as an advanced topic, I find that logarithmic glide shapes work best (at least for traditional berlin or acid style).  I read about using add/mul in another topic and I can see potentially how you cold possibly do that in a table but even with a table speed of 1 it doesn't seem like you would get it very smooth, but either way I don't see how to start messing with the curve if I don't know how time & steps work and are inter-related!


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  Recording CV Input from Voltage Block
Posted by: circulant - 07-21-2021, 12:55 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (6)

Hello All! I have enjoyed making short sequences from the Malekko Voltage Block for a couple years now and would like to record short sequences live into the NerdSeq. I have practiced a few times but when I am recording the note values into the NerdSeq, I am getting either really high pitched values (C-A), no notes, mid noted (G 4) or very low inaudible notes (D 0). 

I currently have Input 1 on the NerdSeq with the output of the Voltage Block.
The Track is setup to Live Record and Output into CV1.
I have tried recording as Pass to CV1 and have also tried Quantize to CV1.

Am I doing something incorrectly or missing a step? Thank you!

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  Sample Choke Groups
Posted by: geremy - 07-19-2021, 09:46 PM - Forum: Feature requests - Replies (11)


Please add the possibility of sample choking (ex: hihats).  There was some discussion of it here:


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