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  Envelopes out of trigger outs
Posted by: Friend of Dogs - 10-15-2021, 11:44 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (5)

I would love to be able to go straight from trigger out to VCA. Any work around ideas if not? Im 100% out of room in my box.

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Heart Firmware V1.25A
Posted by: XORadmin - 10-15-2021, 02:50 PM - Forum: Firmware / Manual - Replies (13)

I am happy to announce another Firmware update again!!!

This time we get up to V1.25A which adds plenty of new features and fixes again.
Thanks for everyone who tested with me with the release candidates. Beside these I added also even some more features for the release.

As usual some important information before you update:

- make a backup of your SD Card and especially of your projects
- Old Projects can simply be loaded with the new version
- Firmware updates always work, if it doesn't, then you did something wrong. Check the Firmware update FAQ for some infos.
- No worries, in case of any issues you can always go back to your earlier version!
- I totally can understand if you are disappointed if your long awaited feature request is not included in this update. I really do my best to get much new stuff in the releases and i keep track on all the hundrets of feature requests. I constantly update my 2do list and change priorities depending on many factors. Please read the FAQ in the forum to find out how I work and how I don't work. In the end, I can never please anybody. But I do my best to make it better each time.

Also note: Since the last versions the update will look a bit different around the end of updating. For some people the Progressbar will go back to 0 and some percent. That is totally fine and as long as it says 'Updating Succeed', then everything is fine.

Here are most of the changings / additions:
- integrated the More Video-IO Expander into the Firmware with Video and USB Computer keyboard support (and many more unofficial functions)
- added video mode setting in setup screen (OK to enter video settings)
- added endless repetitions of patterns when BRK repetition value is 255/0xff
- added velocity -> MOD output for midi clone to modular
- fixed missing/wrong probability from automators if sample tracks are set to something else
- fixed wave file loading issue for some wavefiles
- added octave change in wavefile preview
- added launch mode function. beside the regular launch possibilities there is now an additional synchronizing to queuepoints/zero cross launchmode (Setup -> Pattern Launch Type)
- fixed midi issue for velocity/mod recording on other tracks than 1
- changed Trigger All Off function (Trigger16 FX) to Extra Trigger FX which involves Trigger all Off and swap trigger commands from the FX
- implemented firmware update / file transfer for the video expander
- updated SETW command for samples so it would overrule samples or waveforms selected from the sample/wave column is used from the pattern FX
- added global swing function (project screen) for the internal clock (+- 1/64th precision). Be aware that the output clock is also affected by the swing.
- added clock change shortcut. If on the clock in settings with any external clock pressing shift+delete will switch seamless to internal clock.
- fixed delete marked values with shift up function for pattern screens
- added 'clock out disabled' function. So the Clock and Reset outputs can be used to generate own clocks or additional gates/triggers.
- fixed/finetuned live random values results
- added random ranges to the randomize functions in the Nerd Menu
- added midi notes and velocity to the randomize functions
- added SHIFT+DOWN+DELETE on sequencer screen to move a column one down (insert empty one).
- added Pattern Import/Export function (Nerd Menu in Pattern Screen)
- added CV/MOD Outputs as Automator Source
- speed up Load / Save Projects a bit
- midi recording adds now some quantization (pre/post correction)
- fixed wrong text in Sample Retrigger Command
- changed Table Chord Editing. SHIFT UP/DOWN change the note now and SHIFT LEFT/RIGHT the chord type
- removed round robin recording into a midi track from midi. Records now always from left to right into the columns.

* Note for the video expander! It is not getting detected automatically but you turn it on and off manually in the Setup screen.
Setup -> Video Expander -> Off / USB only / Clone.

And as usual some minor small things that came along the way or needed to be done...

The new firmware is attached here, download it, put it in your firmware folder and update following the usual firmware update instructions.

Also to be sure that you don't miss any feature or to know how it works, check the manual.

The Firmware and Manual is also always available on the XOR Website:

Don't forget to spread the word, make videos, because that is what's needed to continue adding new features!!

Enjoy the update! Heart

Attached Files
.hex   nerdseq.hex (Size: 4,12 MB / Downloads: 50)
.zip   nerdseq.zip (Size: 1,39 MB / Downloads: 28)
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  User Manual V1.25
Posted by: XORadmin - 10-15-2021, 02:24 PM - Forum: Firmware / Manual - No Replies

Here the latest manual V1.25 for Firmware V1.25

Please be informed that you can also download this manual from the XOR Website:

Attached Files
.pdf   nerdseq_manual_1_25.pdf (Size: 4,16 MB / Downloads: 47)
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  Black Nerdseq for sale
Posted by: cfdj - 10-14-2021, 07:17 PM - Forum: Everything Else - No Replies

Hi Guys, 

Selling my black nerdseq. Great condition. Original box included etc. 470 euro. 

Drop me message if you want to some photos etc.

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  Quick Page Jump?
Posted by: akavalve - 10-12-2021, 04:19 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (5)

Is there a way to jump from page to page within a particular screen without having to jump through each column on the screen?
As an example, this would be very helpful to jump to FX columns and back to the 6 CV columns when using the More CV expander.

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  Automator Requests
Posted by: fadeddata - 10-12-2021, 06:09 AM - Forum: Feature requests - Replies (1)

I actually haven't used the onboard envelopes and LFO's too much and was just spending some time with them. It would be really nice if

  • speed could be controlled from another slot, currently the clock and amp can be modulated from another slot but speed would allow you to get the classic bouncing ball and other cool effects
  • LFO shapes could be imported, maybe using wave files on the SD card
  • envelopes (and LFO's) had shape controls, generally being able to control the shape from log, linear, and exponential on each time stage.

I think you could get a lot out of providing some basic wave shaping functions, maybe even as FX on the CV/Mod outputs. Getting exponential-like and logarithmic-like shapes can be really inexpensive with simple "easing" functions. I like the following talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr5xkf6zSzk

I built a small C++ library of those functions and I was able to create a "Just Friends"-like module in VCV Rack with minimal CPU.


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  How do you guys create Videos?
Posted by: mgd - 10-08-2021, 07:14 AM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (12)

Hi Nerds,

what is the equipment/setup that you guys use to create videos of your performances?

I'm currently considering the following setup/workflow:
- use the camera of my smartphone (possibly on a tripod). Alternatively use the camera of my digital camera.
- record the sound (from my modular and possibly some talking) directly into my DAW
- combine video and sound in postproc, possibly add some text/grafics

Is that feasible?
What would you change/improve?
What do you use to cut the video and possibly merge audio?

I have little to no experience with video but am fairly comfortable with ffmpeg.

Kind regards,

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  CV16 - few questions
Posted by: Friend of Dogs - 10-06-2021, 02:06 PM - Forum: NerdSEQ Expanders - Replies (3)

Hi,  I thought I’d ask, is the “NSA 6 cv” track the only way to access these cv ports from the expander?  Is there any way to access them from the regular tracks? Say if I’m using a monophonic oscillator with lots of cv, if I were able to just access the cv outs via fx values? My initial thoughts were to use it to send out offsets and make timbral changes that way. 

Also a bit of troubleshooting. I am currently trying to use one of the envelops from a 6cv track to open up a vca.  I have set “^10”, and nothing happens. The only settings I can get anything out of are “^14” and “-16” which gives me a little click but nothing else.  Does something seem wrong, or is this an rtfm. Using a trigger instead works fine. 

Thank you

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  MIDI CC controled CV output ?
Posted by: cavimaster - 10-04-2021, 07:07 AM - Forum: Feature requests - Replies (2)

Hi there, 

This is a rainy monday morning idea.

I obviously have no idea if this is possible or if it can be useful to someone other than me but I thought about this:

(It is VCMC befaco oriented but I think it can work with any eurorack(or not) MIDI controller )

The idea is to be able to generate a control CV which comes out of the more CV16 by a MIDI CC (the VCMC faders in this case).
I already use the CC GATE screw buttons to mute / unmute / solo the tracks, it's so practical!
Why not push the "compatibility" Wink

I was thinking of the more CV16 because I don't think we use all the outputs of this module at the same time ...

I also thought that it could be configured in the automate section (see my beautiful drawing)

We could then easily control (via CV) transposition, filter openings, envelopes, wavefolders, ... from the VCMC thanks to the NerdSEQ.

This is not a request, it is just an idea that may or may not become relevant (or not)  Big Grin

Have a nice day

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  Visual cheatsheet
Posted by: Terekki - 10-03-2021, 02:28 PM - Forum: General Questions - No Replies

… …..

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