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  Making melodies with Nerdseq
Posted by: phantommovement - 05-08-2019, 07:53 AM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (2)

Hi guys

My first post here. I'm super new to modular and have the Nerdseq, I wonder how you make melodic sequences and create variations out of them? I know there's the random value function but I'm looking for ways to generate melodies and variations that stay in a particular musical scale or mode, e.g. locrian and diminished scale, as well as specific octave ranges. After that I can record the cv back into the nerdseq and save the patterns. I'm thinking to get an Intellijei Shifty for this purpose. Would this be a good idea? 

Any advice will be much appreciated! Cheers

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  Sample Audio Format - digital noise when playing back samples
Posted by: gropha - 05-06-2019, 04:05 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (8)

Got my Nerdseq

It's awesome! Having a blast with it so far. Very intuitive.

The only thing I"m having an issue with is sample formats. In the manual it says you can use 8 bit RAW and 8/16 bit WAV for the files. My audio editor (Adobe Audition) doesn't generate RAW files, so I made some 8 bit wav and some 16 bit wav.

However, when I play the wav files in the nerdseq, they all have an identical bit of digital noise at the end, suggesting that some metadata/file header is being read as audio, which suggests they are not being read in the correct file format.

Also, the 16 bit files sound pitched down and distorted, suggesting that they are being treated as 8 bit files.

Is there a step I'm missing of letting the Nerdseq know the file type (they have .wav extensions) or something like that?

Has anyone else come across this issue and solved it?

And, if all else fails, anyone have a recommendations for a program that can batch convert WAV files to RAW on Mac OS X


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Question FX for sample length
Posted by: lohacker - 05-04-2019, 12:40 PM - Forum: Feature requests - Replies (8)

Hello, I'm still in first steps with NerdSeq so excuse me if this already exist.
I'd like to have control over the internal samples length when creating beats, something like a gate or decay would be nice.
Is it possible?


By looking deeper in the manual seems that the KILL command is what I'm looking for, hopefully this will implemented in the next firmware release.

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  drumMatrix for midi drums
Posted by: holo - 05-03-2019, 07:13 PM - Forum: Feature requests - No Replies

a drum matrix for midi drums would need a midi note assignment page similar to the one for cc.

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  Superbooth busy busy busy
Posted by: XORadmin - 05-03-2019, 07:05 PM - Forum: Nerdseq - No Replies

Just that you know, i am 25/8 busy getting everything ready for Superbooth. I see your requests and issues and will get back to them when i'm back and behind my post-superboth-down  Big Grin

For those who are in berlin, come by and i will also play a gig at Maze on friday.

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  Tables like LSDj's "Automate" Option
Posted by: the_cody - 05-03-2019, 04:35 AM - Forum: Feature requests - No Replies

In LSDj, there's an option called "automate" for tables. The table only advances a step when a note is played. So, you can have a syncopated or sparse pattern that's "automating" a table to advance to the next step in the table only when a note is playing.

For example:

(with - being no note and x being whatever note)

Pattern: | x - x x - x x - x - x x - x x - |

Table (transpose): | 0 C 0 7 0 3 FE | (hop to first step here)

would have the transposition of that pattern played through twice would be:

| 0 - C 0 - 7 0 - 3 - FE 0 - C 0 - | 7 - 0 3 - FE 0 - C - 0 7 - 0 3 - |

Here is me one-handedly trying to show this on LSDj: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mz449OoOPY

Would it be possible to get a loop setting on the tables to just advance one step every time the table is called? I assume this is a big change, since it seems tables are running on their own timing and not really connected to the patterns, but this is a thing I tend to use a LOT in LSDj and would be really useful with, for example, using the MOD output to get repeating patterns that aren't really tied to a specific pattern length, but how often notes are played.

edit: Here's the only musical example I can find that I've still got from back in like 2007, the hardsync type synth starting around 33 seconds in is doing that: https://clyp.it/fd4qree5

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  Reassign Sample Tracks
Posted by: the_cody - 05-02-2019, 07:56 PM - Forum: Feature requests - Replies (2)

Not sure if this has been suggested before. But, would it be possible to add re-assignment the sample tracks to the Expander outputs? Like, Track 7 or 8 as Sample to More Triggers 16? I'm finding myself not using the both sample tracks, while still using all six Modular tracks. I know I can kinda do that with the FX lanes, but it would be nicer, for example, to use track 7 as the matrix drum grid for the More Triggers rather than that sample track just not being used at all.

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  Changed question
Posted by: Friend of Dogs - 05-02-2019, 02:13 PM - Forum: NerdSEQ Expanders - No Replies

At first I was thinking that 16 triggers was going to be too much, and would just see what else I could do, but I think I found a significant use for all 16. Now I’m wondering if I should wait for perfect circuit to carry it or just pick it up off schneidersladen who I see has it in stock.

Is there any news for availability for usa distributers.

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  Connect to midi ports on intellijel cases rather than using expander?
Posted by: bovaflux - 05-01-2019, 09:19 PM - Forum: Feature requests - Replies (4)

I came across this thread on the intellijel forum where there's a suggestion for connecting Disting up to the midi ports that are built into intellijel performance cases....


Is there any chance of this working with Nerdseq too? Is there a pin diagram available for the connector the nerdseq midi expander uses? Space is tight on my mobile set up, so being able to use those ports instead of the expander would be really handy.

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  Set current data value with CV input
Posted by: bovaflux - 05-01-2019, 08:54 PM - Forum: Feature requests - No Replies

Another request! I'm finding entering notes is actually pretty quick, much better than I thought from videos I saw before buying it. However, entering data values can feel a little tedious, and with a bunch of voltage sources (lightstrip, quadtratt) sat right next to Nerdseq, I'd love to be more knobby with entering data values for fx, automation, and even notes. 

What I could imagine is having some project settings with let you define a CV source for data values to be read (i.e. Input 1-4) and a trigger source to determine when to sample the CV source (which would be either a gate/trigger at Input 1-4, or pressing the OK button). This would mean when entering a sequence of fx values in a sequence I could dial in the amount I want on a knob, tap OK, move down a step, dial in the next amount, hit ok, etc. I could even hold down my gate signal or keep OK held to constantly update the data value from the voltage source/knob. That way I could keep OK held while stepping through a pattern to record a knob sweep.

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