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MIDI Quantization not accurate? - Demure - 07-26-2021

Usually I enter notes through step input or just through the interface, the few times I've tried live MIDI recording I felt like I couldn't hold a beat (I am an amateur after all), but I've used some quantized recorders since where I don't run into these issues.

However, trying harder I feel like something's a little off with the step quantization of the recorded notes, I've made a small recording to show the issue. It starts with a lead in, followed by me recording 4 bars of stuff live, followed by the pattern playing it back.

I've noticed the 'off' keys are the ones who are put down as longer than a single gate (so gate open / next step gate close) notes that are often off by a full step, so they start a step earlier but the gate close command is in the right spot.

I'm using a launchpad to play and don't hold the keys long at all, here I even tried to hit them as short as possible to avoid them being put as  longer notes.

Is this normal behaviour and am I just bad? Angel 


RE: MIDI Quantization not accurate? - XORadmin - 08-07-2021

Sorry for the late reply. I am currently on vacation so there is no chance that I can test it myself.
But generally, are you using the latest stable version? There was an issue before regarding aftertouch which the launchpad is able to generate, but that has been fixed already.

RE: MIDI Quantization not accurate? - Demure - 08-07-2021

No worries! Vacation is much more important. Smile I should've included the info, I'm using the video release candidate firmware for the video expander (Not sure which subversion, also on vacation at the moment Wink Absolutely loving the image drawing features!). Indeed using a launchpad as input. Can check some more in two weeks when I get back & try a different midi input device. Enjoy your holiday!