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*SOLVED* Gate doesn't close when using midi - Clabeux - 02-04-2018


It seems that the gates doesn't close when triggering via midi. It doesn't always happen, but I will try to explain what I do when it does. 

Sometimes it happens when I have the Arturia Keystep connected to the midi in on the expander. When I start the arp/seq on the keystep it almost always happens. 

Today I wanted to try using Reason 10 to send notes to the nerdseq. I added an arpeggiator to the external instrument in reason and it was then that it opened the gate and never closed. 

When it does happen, I start and stop the nerdseq to close the gate again.

Channel 1 is not stuck, 2 is stuck.
On the oscilloscope, channel 1 is green and 2 is red.

RE: Gate doesn't close when using midi - XORadmin - 02-04-2018

the Midi implementation ist still the very basic one. I will get to that very soon for a full midi implementation which will also fix your problem.

What do the arpeggiators do exactly? Are they sending out the correct note on and note off each time? Because a midi slave relies of course on that. The NerdSEQ sets the gate on Note on and resets on Note off.

I will investigate this and i am sure it will be fine soon. Also then with advanced midi routing which isn't there yet.

RE: Gate doesn't close when using midi - Clabeux - 02-05-2018

On the keystep the arp sends gates on off and the gate lengths can be adjusted between 10%-90%.

I haven't run into any issues using the arps on other devices.

I can try if you want to record some midi info with midiox or something if it helps.

Or if you're confident that full implementation will fix it, I can wait for that. I'm planning my first ever live gig for this summer and I want the nerdseq to be a big part of it. Smile

RE: Gate doesn't close when using midi - XORadmin - 02-05-2018

Hey, no worries, i am sure the keystep is doing well.
I ordered a keystep and will fix this issue for sure, as well as adding the advanced midi implementation. No worries here! I did some basic testing with a midiman oxygen so far but it needs extensive testing with multiple channels of course which i wanted to do when i will be busy with the full implementation.

Anyway, I will most probably fix the issue first.

RE: Gate doesn't close when using midi - XORadmin - 02-05-2018

I was testing the midi input now, and it works without any issues for me (set renoise to 800 bpm, sending notes on 4 channels parallel).

What i think what happens to you is that most probably your channel 2 is on a different mode, maybe sending 2 note on. Like polyphonic.

So in general for the NerdSEQ, as each channel is monophonic, it sets the gate on the first note on and releases the gate on the last note off. Else it wouldn't be nice to play on a keyboard for example, as every key release would stop your sound completely (releasing the gate). So it releases on the last key release.
The notes change though, but the gate depends on that.

As it seem to work perfect in my extreme situation, i guess something like this could be the issue. I got to wait like 2 more weeks for the keystep to arrive, so maybe you can record with midiox and send me the data so i can analyse it.

Question, the other devices you use, are they monophonic or polyphonic?

RE: Gate doesn't close when using midi - Clabeux - 02-05-2018

So, I've been testing a little bit.

I tested with polyphonic sequences from the Keystep that I fed into the nerdseq and it worked with no issues.

I tested in Reason to select multiple notes in the sequencer and drag them around. This causes all the selected notes to be played.
After this the issue returned. So it could have something to do with that. 

I also tested with the midi ox. I managed to recreate the issue, while playing the arp I held down the  C4 note on the keystep while pressing STOP (sends a stop message).  I made this lovely pic to  explain:

RE: Gate doesn't close when using midi - XORadmin - 02-05-2018

That explains everything! In the screenshot you can see that the Note Off is being send twice which is technically wrong because it is off already. On the other hand it shouldn't do any harm and this is of course a possible scenario for many sequencers
What brings it back to my software where i don't catch that issue/possibility properly and keep the gate on. Thats also why it doesn't go wrong in my tests, because all gear i test with do it well.

But great, thanks for the screenshot. I will catch that issue and it will be fine. 1 minute work and will be added in the next release this week!!

RE: Gate doesn't close when using midi - Clabeux - 02-05-2018

Awesome! Thanks so much!

RE: Gate doesn't close when using midi - Retape - 02-06-2018

Btw, do you have an ETA on when the NerdSeq can sequence MIDI with the MIDI Out port?

RE: Gate doesn't close when using midi - XORadmin - 02-06-2018

Basic Midi sequencing (clone of the notes and mod to midi) will be in the next release after the coming release this week. Enhanced midi sequencing with routing and advanced cc sequencing will be later on.