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RE: Random value on multiple outs? - XORadmin - 01-30-2022

Quote:What I am thinking of is something like a set of 16 registers, let's call them L0 through LF. So right now if I want a random trigger, I use something like F0 to generate it. I assume that at the moment F0 is generated, it has to be mapped to an actual trigger somehow (say trigger 80 which I believe is 40ms). At that moment, write a copy of the trigger which was selected (trigger 80) to L0. So the register L0 always has a copy of the most recently generated R0, and L8 always has a copy of the most recently generated F8. Elsewhere in my patch, anytime I call L0, I get whatever trigger was generated the last time I called F0. The same kind of system (with different sets of registers) could be used to hold the most recently generated random notes or random mod values.

I see now what you mean. But that would always be only one value that you store and it would overwrite immediately once a new value is genrated with the same selected range.
Lets go deeper than that. For now every generated value is fire and forget. It would be easy so store the value. It would be easy to create an array of it (lets say last 16 values, I got to fight for every byte of RAM). Array could create a shift register of values. And the last value is always available anyways in there.

RE: Random value on multiple outs? - williamjturkel - 01-30-2022

Now I am super excited! Because you could walk back and forth through the history of randomly generated gestures and build new ideas from those on the fly.

RE: Random value on multiple outs? - fadeddata - 01-30-2022

Wouldn’t this be another type of Automator?