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Release Candidate Firmware V1.26 RC6 - XORadmin - 03-13-2022

V1.26 RC6

We are very close to a new release which adds many new features again together with some fixes.

This is a release candidate for the latest NerdSEQ firmware as well as a new release for the CV16 expander.
Be sure you update the NerdSEQ firmware first before you do the CV16 update. Also in any case, both stay compatible with each other, so If you choose to update the CV16 in a later stage, it is no problem.

As usual, this is a release candidate. It is not intended for productive use as I can't guarantee that they are no unexpected side effects. Also saved projects will guaranteed work for the release version but are not backwards compatible to 1.25 or earlier. So be aware to backup your projects / SD Card first!!! (Which is something you should do anyways from time to time)
But with installing it and trying it out/testing you help getting the version ready for stable use.

Please report any issues with that only in this thread here as this is not a stable version.

And you can always go back to the stable versions in case of any issues.

Here a list of the news:

- enabled and added patch functions for all track types (Midi, Audio, CV16, Trigger16)
- added table and patch names in nerd screen, keyboard editor etc
- added Playback Order which can be used to play in another order within a pattern. Added in Nerd Menu. Changing will affect next pattern or when pressed OK directly. Some playback order types are:
Forward, Backward, Pingpong, Random Keep (does only choose randomness once), Random (is each time different), Even/Odd, Snake, Spiral, Crab, Drunk etc.... SHIFT+OK creates a new pattern from the selected Playback order if you like the result....
If you got a launchpad connected you should definitely check the playback orders in a pattern screen (best view with 64 steps)
- changed SCLK (Set Trackclock) to combined command CKPB (Clock/Playback), so new playback orders can be selected from a FX as well
- fixed wave file loader to allow more wave types
- fixed trigger16 binary value so it can send also FF for all now
- added preview for Trigger 16 columns and drum-matrix. OK plays one and SHIFT+OK plays the row
- fixed tables so a stop table can be chosen from FX or Patches.
- added global trigger delay function which allows to have all triggers delayed if needed. Added trigger delay settings for all track types. Added delay times in milliseconds.
- added random trigger delay settings derived from ranges which does allow humanisation (trigger delay settings and the highest values are now the 16 random ranges)
- a probability of 0 will now avoid the playback of the probability part
- changed backup situation. Now a backup is automatically created in the backup folder (folder will be generated by itself) and keeps the 20 last files (will probably limit to 10 last files as it could lead to too many files in one folder).
- replaced 'save with backup' function with a auto-save function. It will auto-save then just before the screensaver starts.
- added reminder which pops up from time to time when saving to backup your SD card
- added new local trigger functions -> Trigger X ticks long. (D0 -> DF)
- fixed possible pattern clone of a ** pattern
- Updated mark mode. SHIFT+cursors will now always change the begin point of the marking and without shift the end points. The start/end points are also displayed in the statusbar.
- marked mode on sequencer screen can now start / launch or stop the selected part, also change of multiple clock and playback orders possible
- stopping a audio track will reset its gate now. (and so also possible connected envelope releases)
- updated pattern screens so they all show the pattern name on every track type
- changed the visible FX when in groove column to the last FX for CV/Gate and Sample
- screensaver now returns to last used screen on return
- fix for automators so a modulator input value is including the automators
- added cut/paste function, so any delete does directly also a copy into clipboard
- fix for return to drum-matrix
- fixed midi record for selected track record. Also fix for on-the-fly delete using the table button
- fixed LFO speed for slow LFO (was not fine but quantized before)
- changed OK button in patch screen fires the patch (instead of shift+ok)
- Some graphical changings for current value and patch screen, some visual fixes  
- fixed possible crash on DINSYNC start/stop
- added setting where a new note in the CV16 sequence disables a pure modulator (Enable in CV16 track setup)
- fixed sending CV16 startup values after track assign
- fix for CV16 setup screen draw glitch
- added Trigger16 function to CV16 columns and destinations. NSA and Trigger Output of the Trigger16 Expander can be selected to be played either from the trigger 2 commands (destination) or as the Voltage/MOD value 00-FE (CV16 setup -> destinations)
- added 2 Trigger16 FX for a CV16 track to allow also trigger16 commands initiated from a CV16 FX.
- updated Midi -> CV16 track so if a column is set to be a trigger then it does insert a trigger instead of an envelope. Plays also the trigger on the trigger16 expander.

Update RC2:
- fixed possible freeze when loading a Sampleblock which contains a bigger sample

Update RC3:
- updated Project and Setup screen to get the same scrolling like the FX selector. Added Page Up/Down Functionality
- fixed possible 'stuck in screensaver' situation when doing a NSA Firmware update
- cursor returning now to the last field in the pattern screen if the last used one was of the same track-type
- fixed midi recording which recorded multiple note-off in mono mode (Internal CV/Gate track), last released key fills in the note off
- A Note Off in a CV/Gate track works now again with and without autogate enabled.
- CV16 Track-> The modulator Reset function works also with envelopes to reset it (instead of continuing the attack from the current level on restart)
* Firmware file for the CV16 is also updated for this! So if you updated to V1.2, do the update again with the new file.
- fixed issue when using Trigger16/CV16 on tracks 7+8 and using the Reset FX functions
- added entering the random ranges screen from the trigger delay random settings using OK
- changed rolling backup window to 10 deep

Update RC4:
- fixed bug when an empty patch was selected to play
- fixed possible issue when using patches in a midi track

Update RC5:
- playback order is now also being reset when starting a new project
- added simple copy+paste of a row in video expander pattern
- fixed start of screensaver when holding the OK button too long
- table editing update so it matches with the patch editing, fixed statusbar text

Update RC6:
- fixed patch pre-listen. OK for current effect and SHIFT+OK for the whole patch (if possible)
- removed SHIFT+OK prelisten from drummatrix as it interfered with the euclidean and shifting functions
- added Midi Program Change pre-listen
- updated Combined Playback FX commands ( old Clock change SCLK -> CBPB) to the following possibilities:
0XX Clock Change (Divider/Multiplier)
1XX Clock Change (Divider/Multiplier) now
2XX Playback Order
3XX Playback Order now
4XX Transpose Track
5XX Global Transpose
6XX Swing Settings
7XX Track Jump to sequencer row ( same as OK on sequencer screen when edit is OFF)
8XX All Tracks jump to sequencer row

And as usual many fixes and improvements 'under the hood'...

The firmware update for CV16 V1.2 adds or fixes the following:
- adds 11 point calibration for CV16 outputs to get a finer tuning (automatic update, only fine calibrate with a good multimeter)
- fixes possible spikes on modulator stop
- Added simple trigger functionality for CV16 outputs. A new one shot 'LFO' is introduced to generate triggers in different length and amplitude (LFO type 7).
- fixed envelope retrigger. Doesn't do a restart of the envelope anymore now but goes to the attack phase from the current release value. Added additional function that old reset behaviour can be used with the reset function

Download the release candidate below, follow the firmware update rules and if you get stuck there and it doesn't work, read the many threads about it and it will be fine!! Updating the NerdSEQ always works!
I recommend to update the NerdSEQ first, check it out if things work fine and update the CV16 (following the CV16 update rules in this thread: )

Peace! Heart

RE: Release Candidate Firmware V1.26 RC1 - mvdirty - 03-13-2022

There are loads of great updates in this release, but just to mention one that happens to be a highlight for me personally:

For anyone who has been awaiting the detailed CV16 calibration, I can confirm that it works extremely well.

RE: Release Candidate Firmware V1.26 RC1 - theotteryears - 03-13-2022

Pattern playback order!

RE: Release Candidate Firmware V1.26 RC1 - mgd - 03-13-2022

I know what I'm doing, when the kids are in bed... Big Grin

RE: Release Candidate Firmware V1.26 RC1 - Retape - 03-13-2022


RE: Release Candidate Firmware V1.26 RC1 - geremy - 03-13-2022

For me this is the nicest feature update!

Quote:- added new local trigger functions -> Trigger X ticks long. (D0 -> DF)


RE: Release Candidate Firmware V1.26 RC1 - mgd - 03-13-2022

After a quick first test I've found no problems. So far nothing broke Smile
I really like the patches for the CV16. I had not missed them but now that they are there, I see why I want them Big Grin

Small wish:
Make UP and DOWN keys work as page up/page down in Project and Setup Screens.
[hopefully a trivial change]

RE: Release Candidate Firmware V1.26 RC1 - discomidget - 03-13-2022

Quote:- fixed possible crash on DINSYNC start/stop

I tested this and it works! Thanks so much!  Smile

RE: Release Candidate Firmware V1.26 RC1 - depaffect - 03-14-2022

Some awesome new features here! Can't wait to fully explore.

(03-13-2022, 03:53 PM)XORadmin Wrote: - added random trigger delay settings derived from ranges which does allow humanisation (trigger delay settings and the highest values are now the 16 random ranges)

I'm a bit confused by this - could you please explain how it works?

If I use, say, TRIG 0F0 (this is "Rnd Trig Rng:0")  - it doesn't give me a randomly delayed trigger regardless of what my Random Range 0 is set to. I get a trigger, but it's the same as if I had TRIG 010 or something.

EDIT : Ah I get it now - the trigger delay settings are the ones under "track settings" - I was thinking you meant the FX which now have random gate length + ratchet (perhaps that was alread there) . This is a great addition!

As a side note it would be awesome if there was an easy way to get to the "Random Ranges" screen from here! Like pressing "OK" on the random range selection?

RE: Release Candidate Firmware V1.26 RC1 - XORadmin - 03-14-2022

(03-14-2022, 04:52 AM)depaffect Wrote: As a side note it would be awesome if there was an easy way to get to the "Random Ranges" screen from here! Like pressing "OK" on the random range selection?

Yes, I will surely add this on the release version.