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New Firmware 1.16 Preview - XORadmin - 05-31-2018

Hello there,

since this is pending since a while (yes Superbooth eats much time and energy) and i still have to finish some stuff, you can get a sneak-peak to the coming firmware with many additions, fixes, much fun and more..

Please be aware that this is not a productive version, so small things might change with the final release version, other things might not work fully yet and might even cause crashes. It needs finetuning here and there. Also not all features/fixes that i have on my list are included yet. Please don't ask for any features, i got a list fixed for this release.
This is not a Release Candidate, so not everything is cross tested yet...
Saving from this version is not compatible with older versions and vice versa. (Loading from old projects will be fine with the release version of course)
So don't try to load your old projects, it might be a mess....and even more, don't save these then Smile To be sure, make a backup before updating your firmware (as you have the SD in your computer anyway)

You can always get back to a stable older firmware version if needed.

So what to expect for this one:
- Automation slots, adds LFO's and routable CV inputs for many manipulations of many destinations (through a modulation matrix)
- Added Automation slot parameters as FX 
- Visible tables in pattern screen
- All Pattern play from within a pattern (SHIFT+START)
- Simple Screensaver
- Clone patch by using SHIFT+OK (+ fix of clone pattern from project screen)
- Added Offset FX command for samples
- Note prelisten when pressing OK (or hold SHIFT+OK when changing the value)
- Note scales from the MOD outputs (Below FFF are the notes for all octaves, no triggering or note-off involved)
- snappier screen change
...and much more little stuff behind the screens
...and more to come as not everything from my list is implemented yet

Biggest thing is the automation which adds a new dimension to the NerdSEQ. Slots can even be a source for other slots. Also, when applied to the samples pattern-length time stretching and more is possible...much fun is guaranteed!!

I will work on the manual to get some of the new features explained and will also do a sneak-peak version for this in the next days.

Feel free to report any bad bugs of course...

RE: New Firmware 1.16 Preview - Retape - 05-31-2018

Hell yeah, thanks for the sample offset! (and the rest, ofcourse)

RE: New Firmware 1.16 Preview - Gentleman Bastard - 05-31-2018

looks like a great update. Thanks so much

RE: New Firmware 1.16 Preview - RandomNerd - 05-31-2018


RE: New Firmware 1.16 Preview - SOPiiAC - 05-31-2018

Thanks for all your hard work on this! Looking forward to it!

RE: New Firmware 1.16 Preview - Fsuchs - 05-31-2018

Youpi! More things to learn, but way more fun ahead!

Thanks for this amazing work!

RE: New Firmware 1.16 Preview - skybox - 05-31-2018

I can't wait!!! More power!!!!!

RE: New Firmware 1.16 Preview - note! - 05-31-2018


RE: New Firmware 1.16 Preview - Mooko - 05-31-2018

many thanks for your work
but I don't understand where can I assign LFO

RE: New Firmware 1.16 Preview - monads - 06-01-2018

YES and welcomed!!! Looking forward to an Official released update!!!