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*SOLVED* Fx Trigger Probability - holo - 10-13-2017

Trig Probability seems to affect the next line. Isnt it supposed to be set for the trigger event in the same line too? 
Firmware 1.02

RE: Fx Trigger Probability - XORadmin - 10-13-2017

I see your problem. The probability functions set the probability to a percentage for all steps that are following. You turn it off again by using probability 0 or 100. It is supposed to be also for the recent step. I will fix that. For now, just start the probability on the step before as a simple workaround.

RE: Fx Trigger Probability - XORadmin - 12-23-2017

Solved in the new release V1.10

RE: *SOLVED* Fx Trigger Probability - holo - 12-31-2017

hello, i'm afraid the new fx probability does something similar.
i added prf1 30 somewhere and a view steps below in the same line a brk in column fx1 and prf1 64 in fx2.
brk was skipped sometimes.
fw 1.10

RE: *SOLVED* Fx Trigger Probability - XORadmin - 12-31-2017

No i think thats OK, because the order of processing is FX1, FX2, FX3, FX4. So the break in FX1 was still valid for the probability of 30, but after that (because FX2 is processed after that) the probability is set to 64.

Try the other way around to put the break in FX2 and the probability settings in FX1. I think that should work fine.

RE: *SOLVED* Fx Trigger Probability - holo - 12-31-2017

ok, thanks!