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Midi Tuning Standard (MTS) Support - knights who say neve - 05-26-2019

Would really like to see the ability to apply a MTS tuning scale to a track output, for microtonal scales. (CV only - midi would be a lot more work).

This would just mean altering the Midi Note -> Pitch Voltage lookup. The MTS file is part of the 1.0 midi spec and well documented. 

The files are not large and could easily be stored on the SD card.    

A separate tuning for each track would be optimum, but that would mean a lookup table for each note track. If that's too much, one tuning for all tracks would still be very useful. Just use the MTS file to re-write the Midi Note -> Voltage table and it's done. (Assuming there's a table and you're not doing voltage calculations for each note, that is). 

Anyway I've been working in Alternate tunings for a bit now and the Nerdseq has been neglected because of the lack of this feature. Which makes me sad. I know you mentioned a while back on the muff's thread that you'd look at this but it would not be a high priority. But it is important, to me at least (and others - microtonality is growing in popularity and new hardware from Novation, Korg and DSI all have it), and AFAICT it's not technically hard to do - the MTS file parsing is probably the most time consuming part of the whole business to write. So I think it's worth a thread on here.

RE: Midi Tuning Standard (MTS) Support - T3t_one - 09-10-2019

(05-26-2019, 07:53 PM)knights who say neve Wrote: I think it's worth a thread on here.


It'd be cool if Nerdseq could read Slendro and Pelog, from say, a Sub 37, Etc.