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Extended randomisation within scale - theotteryears - 06-02-2019


Would be great to have additional randomisation per step. Eg- on this step pick a random note from the set scale (once scales are possible). This scale should be applied to tables too so within a sequence you can have fast arpeggios in key on specific steps. 

This along, with probability and randomised tables, would allow great generative sequencing.

RE: Extended randomisation within scale - spilthyfred - 06-10-2019

This would be lovely Big Grin

RE: Extended randomisation within scale - depaffect - 06-10-2019

Ooh I have some thoughts on this!

I love the idea of being able to limit randomisation to a scale, but I think it would be better if instead of preset scales (eg C minor, pentatonic etc) you could simply toggle notes on and off (but not specify octaves - just the 12 notes C,C#,D,D#,E,F,F#,G,G#,A,A#,B) - this would be much more flexible and wouldn't limit you to only "traditional" scales. The Make Noise Rene sequencer has this function.

Then if you could also limit randomization to a range of notes it would be very powerful (eg say, from C2 to C4)

Under "Random Order Rows" - it would be great if you could choose to include/exclude certain columns (eg, exclude FX1 column so that stays the same)

And if these things were also possible to do from a patch, that would be amazing. So you could have the same pattern being randomised in a certain way each time it plays.

RE: Extended randomisation within scale - spilthyfred - 06-25-2019


I think I would consider this my most desired feature that I would like to see implemented. It would open so many melodic possibilities that would otherwise take forever to program.

The NerdSeq is already the most powerful euro sequencer that I am aware of, but holy hell it would be so insanely crazy awesome with user defined scales and limited randomization of said scales within patterns.

RE: Extended randomisation within scale - ehr - 07-17-2019

Hop to random row in a table would be cool way to set up a user defined set of notes that could be used for random variations on steps of a pattern. Don't know if it has already been mentioned as a feature request....+1 if it has.