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Patch screen *NO BUG* - Mooko - 10-29-2017

Hi all! 
I don't know if it's a bug... 
So maybe it's a feature request...  Huh Idea
On track 1 I create a patch 
Then in the patch screen I put a value on modulate 4/5/6 (7FF for my example)
All work fine.. 
Now I create an modulation sequence on track 4 hit play.. 
No problem again! the sequence modulation play the steps 
And now I stop the track 4 but It stay in the last sequence modulation value and don't catch the original value of the patch 
I must go to the patch screen then change the value of the modulate 4 to apply my original value (7FF)...
Maybe you can do something for me!?

RE: Patch screen - XORadmin - 10-29-2017

Well no bug for sure.

But thats just the behaviour. You changed some of the paramters (just see them as knobs).
I will add a additional screen where one can find all recent parameters and change them. Maybe i can do something there like 'set to patch XX'.
If you got a better idea, let me know

RE: Patch screen - Mooko - 10-30-2017

Maybe just put a line than you choose the priority of the patch screen
So you can choose if you want that it do : catch the patch screen value when stopping a track or the last value of the pattern sequencer when stopping the track ..

RE: Patch screen - XORadmin - 10-30-2017

That would be possible. But how do you do that with each track? You can change all outputs from one patch/track, but you can't change all the settings of each track from one patch.

RE: Patch screen - Mooko - 10-31-2017

Excuse me but I don't understand what you want to say.... 
I alaways use the Nerd in live performance I've never programming sequence 
I create them on the fly 
I create a  basic template with empty pattern (and some command line I need for my setup.)
I create a patch on track 1 then in the patch screen I put all mods out to the value 7FF 
Then when I play a modulation sequence and stop it the modulation don't catch the original value of the patch screen (7FF) and stay in the last value of the sequence....

RE: Patch screen - XORadmin - 10-31-2017

I understand what you say. I don't know if this is a feature of other computer based sequencers. I think usually those go back to the initial values when starting to play again.
What i mean to say is that a patch is only valid for this track. And a patch got some functions that affect all outputs and some dedicated function for only the output where the patch is used from. So with one patch, you can only set the MOD/CV and some other values from other tracks to certain values, but you cant for example run a patch on track 1 and control the glide of track 2 with it. For that you would have to start the patch from track 2.

But i have a idea for it which will solve your problem completely and gives the freedom to configure it as one want to have it.
It'll take some weeks as i have more important stuff on my 2do list, but i will put it on it.

For now, you can create an empty pattern with a patch on the first line which sets everything just as you want to and then you can play it as a last pattern or start it to get to your inital values again...

RE: Patch screen - Mooko - 10-31-2017

Thank you very much!!!!
an idea? maybe if there is a global patch for all the settings, would solve my problem ...