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Firmware V1.13
I'm happy to present you the next release with a bunch of new functions and some minor fixes. It is the same version as the V1.13 RC3, so if you use it already there is no need to download it. The manual is also updated to V0.9.9 for this release.

Here an overview of the new functions and fixes:
- Added: Mute - Unmute functions ( SHIFT+DOWN+START mutes/unmutes the current track)
- Added: Solo/Unsolo functions ( SHIFT+UP+START solos/unsolos current track)
- Added: When editing in pattern screen: SHIFT+UP+DELETE Removes the current row and shifts all one up from below the row.
        SHIFT+DOWN+DELETE Inserts an empty row and shifts all one down from that point
- Fix: Disabled Merge and compact functions which are not usable yet but could have caused problems
- Added the Nerdmenu which can be reached by pressing the Nerd button (SHIFT+AUTOMATE) with several functions:
Undo  - undo for the last (and only the last) action in the sequencer or the (same) pattern screen
In pattern screen without marked values: Randomize current value
In pattern screen with marked values: Transpose +1, Transpose -1, Transpose +12, Transpose -12, Flip Rows, Randomize row order, Randomize values
- Fix for the random generator
- Fix: avoid START, STOP and value change when in mark mode
- Fix: Avoid endless loop when Mark+Insert copy on the first row
- Added: Current Values screen. Shows current values of the current track including manipulation of the values (OK on the Triggerexecutes the trigger setting)
- Added: Support for folders/maps in the file browsers (take care that you choose not too long folder names, space is not endless(even if they tell you so)), also still there is no alfabetical sorting (which is in fact impossible cause of the lack of memory or it would be extremely ressource eating). So you either copy your files in your order on the sd card or you use some of the directory sorters which are available for all platforms)
Filebrowser shows now 10 instead of 8 files per side.
- Fix: Midi problem where a gate could stay set when the Midi master send 2 times the same Note-Off erratically
- Added: Midi Enable/Disable. Turns midi reception on/off except for sync, so if you want to clock but the NerdSEQ shouldn't react on midi notes etc.
- Some beauty fixes

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