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RND Keep with random range?
(12-13-2023, 05:50 PM)kriskeyman Wrote: If pattern type is set to 'RND Keep' & pattern sequence is using random range, is there a way to 'lock' or repeat the random notes played on subsequent repeats of the pattern?

I'd like the pattern to play random notes initially, but keep these notes if the pattern is repeated again during sequence playback.

I'd expect that stopping then starting again all playback would choose a different set of random notes on the first pattern play, but then keep those notes if the pattern is repeated.


I guess you refer to the playback order which indeed repeats after one random seed. Random notes is a totally different unrelated thing. It does not record the randomly played notes to be played back again.
You could simply fill in the random types and chose the track to record -> CV-Note. (use patch cable from CV out to CV in)
Then you record and if you like the generated notes you keep them, stop recording, or else use 'undo' which brings it back to the random values and it will directly generate new random notes.
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