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Release Candidate Firmware V1.18 (RC3 UPDATE)
Good news everyone,

i am happy to provide you the newest firmware release candidate with many new great functions, some fixes and quite some maintenance things 'under the hood'.
As the expanders need some extra time, i decided to get some open ends ready, add some of the feature requests and fix some issues.
I still try to get the expanders ready as soon as possible, so this is something to fill your waiting time!

It is important that former projects are tested with this version as the general timing has been updated!! Also using the new sample preview and sampleblock should be tested well. I need proper response on that.

As usual, this is a Release Candidate and not a stable version. I tested everything of course, but they can be always hidden side effects. Release candidates are not for productive use (i would use it though) and the save-file from it might not be compatible to the stable release.

Attached file is now Release Candidate 2

So here is the new stuff:
V1.18 RC3 Update:
- fixed bug that cause a reset if switching to DIN-SYNC clock input on an untouched empty project while the DINSYNC clock was running externally
- little drawing glitch on project screen fix
- Fix for the case when loading another project while one was playing which could cause a 1 BPM tempo. Sequencer stops now when loading another project.

V1.18 RC2 Update:
- fixed bug in tables where a table in track 6 could cause trigger 1 to trigger
- fixed interference in automation modulation matrix with the new sample preview feature
- changed in MOD column instead of using OK to switch between note and MOD values. Need SHIFT+OK from now
- Added prelisten function for MOD column as well now using the OK button. If both MOD - note and Note are filled in, then 2 notes can be prelistened.

V1.18 RC1

Bugfix: Delete marked Trigger changed MOD values next to it
Bugfix: Midi recording if note on and off was on same step, then now a trigger of F0 is filled in instead of a note-off
Added: Sample preview (In sample browser SHIFT + LEFT for output 7 and SHIFT + RIGHT for output 8, press again to stop pre-listening). Also very long samples (as in 'minutes') can be previewed, and that all also while playing (Is overruling the current sample track).
Added: Preview of already loaded sample slots (SHIFT + LEFT for output 7 and SHIFT + RIGHT for output 8)
Bugfix: Basenote from patches works now
Added: Patch to FX columns
Added: Table to FX columns
Updated: Patches always update all inserted values for local CV/Gate tracks
Fix: BPM display matches the actual timing now.  
Updated: Live change values when editing patches removed
Updated: Removed support for 24bit and 32bit Wavefiles. All standard PCM (non compressed) 8/16 bit Mono/Stereo wavefiles are supported.
Added: DINSYNC Clock input (through clock and reset input)
Added: Note plays when holding OK button and walking up/down -> Plays notes while browsing
Added: For samples: Note plays + note browsing as well
Added: Compact Sequencer function (SETUP SCREEN) Cleans up unused patterns and releases them again for new use
Added: Superslow automator lfo speed mode
Changed: Range for LFO better resolution (more fintuning for lower ranges)
Added: Record from CV route to outputs directly, so you can hear what you record directly
Fixed: Edit was still possible on some places even though edit was turned off
Added: If Edit mode is OFF, allow live use of OK button in sequencer screen to temporary jump to the same step of another pattern (SHIFT+OK for the row)
Fix: Fixed external start of pattern/row (through Midi or DINSYNC with shift button starts whole row, without shift only the 'selected' pattern)
Added: Load / Save sampleblock. Allows to load and save all sample slots into / from a file.  
Added: Load sampleblock directly from sequencer (LSMP fx command on sample tracks) for 'nearly' seemless replacement of all samples.

I will leave it as release candidate for around 2 weeks until i declare it stable if all is fine.

You need to be registered to download. Be sure you download correctly (save as) and the file must be named 'nerdseq.hex' in the firmware folder.

Enjoy and happy tracking!

Attached Files
.hex   nerdseq.hex (Size: 2,23 MB / Downloads: 52)
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile

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