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Assign Sample Channels (7,8) as MIDI Out
Well, others may have different opinions, but for me the trade of to sacrifice 2 of 8 tracks (25% of all available) to have noise generators or oscillators does not seem a good use of the tracks real estate.

W/r to the effects:
I find them ok, when I have nothing else at my disposal. I never use them though.

FM synth:
Maybe. As I already wrote, I'll have to investigate that.

Sample player:
The rather limited amount of sample memory moves this more in the proof-of-concept region. When I wanted to do sampling I'd get a real sample player.

Now let's see what we could get in return if those 2 tracks were normal tracks:
- I could have up to 12 voices with a CV16 NSA (6 when I use every other track for gate etc.)
- I could make them MIDI tracks and control my external sampler and my external FM synth (or whatever else)
- ...there are other similar scenarios - you get the idea

When I compare this with the existing features of the sample tracks, it seems like a lot of track real estate for comparatively little gain. Others mileage may vary.

It is due to the enormous power of the NerdSEQ that even with "only" 6 tracks it seems to be the currently most versatile sequencer in Eurorack, mostly because of the Trig16 and CV16 NSA (which is why I have it).

I can see a use case for all those things the sample tracks offer, when you don't add CV16 and Trig16 NSA and wish to live in very restricted rack space. Fine. I don't want to take away anything from you.

What I would like is an option for a different use case. Be it via a switch in the settings or through an alternate firmware if such a switch is not possible due to memory constraints.

And yes, I'm aware that this is probably not trivial and time constraints and lots of other stuff being more important or urgent (e.g. I'd rather wish to see tables in CV16). But if this shall come to pass sometime in the future, it's probably a good idea to start talking and thinking now Smile

Anyway, my current CV16 and Trig16 together with the planned purchase of a MIDI Adapter (whichever it eventually will be) all fit within the 6 tracks and that is impressive. 2 more tracks would allow me to add another CV16 and actually make use of it.

Kind regards,

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