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Release Candidate Firmware V1.21 RC4
Allright, i was more than busy again to add more wanted and unwanted features, fixing some issues and mostly, adding the CV16 expander implementation!!

So upfront you can enjoy and check out the latest Release Candidate for version V1.21.

As usual, this is a release candidate. Not intended for productive use as i can't guarantee any unexpected side effects. Also saved projects will guaranteed work for the release version but are not backwards compatible to 1.20 or earlier. So be aware to backup your projects first!!!

And you can always go back to the stable versions in case of any issues.

Beside the biggest part which is the CV16 implementation (that you can't test yet as you don't have the expander) they are the following new things:

- added Midi Note input offset, so recorded notes can have an offset of semitones or octaves
- added Midi Note output offset. So playing midi notes can have a default offset for like if your midi gear plays the C-3 one octave lower or so.
- added amount of record voices function. So midi is not fixed anymore to record into all 4 columns, but can be limited to 1-4 Columns. The other columns stay untouched.
- added page up/down fix to get to the top and bottom at end positions in pattern and sequencer screens
- fixed Mark + Page up/down
- updated main clock and clock view also for all other screens
- added stop all sounds function to NerdMenu in patterns. OK stops sounds from the track. SHIFT+OK stops sound from all tracks
- added waveform player in samples. From Sample 12 (0C) the waveforms Sinus, Triangle, Ramp,sawtooth and noise are added/playing. These can be pitched, stopped, manipulated with the effects or even manipulated though the automator. Be aware that these are limited oscillators and not comparable with analogue ones. But for a lot of tasks these should be fine.
- added trigger details in local trigger column in the statusbar. So you know when editing what the numbers mean. 
- added delayed reset function so the reset comes a bit later after the last clock when stopping the sequencer.
- added reset pulse on pressing stop. A manual reset is being generated when pressing stop with a stopped sequencer.
- added for Automator LFO new input clock types, derived from a step or a tick with multiplicators or dividers (set with speed) and step from another slot.
- fixed midi issue which could create a hanging note on local CV-Gate tracks in very rare situations
- fixed 'All sounds off' again for midi. 
- added autogate enabler function, so autogate can be enables/disabled (global setup)
- fix for clock divider / multiplier settings so they are not set in patch by default
- changed PR to piano roll name for trigger16 expander
- Fixed bug for sequencer stop which randomly could set triggers on stop
- start and stop functions are now also available in other screens

- added squaresample to the waveforms (for the toddlers Wink )
- added Pulswidth Change for squarewave through offset FX command (also from automators usable for some nice PWM sweep)
- fixed sample output leak to next sample output
- added Trigger as Sample FX effect. Triggers 1..6 can also be controlled from the sample tracks. Makes probably sense when using a waveform and want to trigger an envelope at the same time.
- added waveform prelisten
- fixed last note value for sample when editing
- renamed LFO Range to Amplitude
- and some CV16 stuff under the hood


- changed the order for modular track player so tables are handled right after the FX
- Mark, Copy + Paste + Delete now possible in the sequencer screen while a running sequencer
- Even more CV16 stuff under the hood


- added clone to local CV tracks when played or recorded live from Midi
- enhanced trigger delay time to up to 10 milliseconds (CV/Gate track->Setup)
- Autogate timing for the off time between notes is enhanced to 500uS which should retrigger most envelopes
- Added waveform sync. The waveforms in one sample track can sync each other. Turn on with the FX command 'backward' which normally plays a sample backwards. The wave which is 'backwards' is getting synced by the other wave. Also both can sync each other!!
- and the last bits for the CV16 expander

Be aware that a lot more code has been added, mainly for the CV16 expander to work. I'd like to mark this version as soon as possible as stable so there is nothing in the way for the CV16 release. 

Download the release candidate below, follow the firmware update rules and if you get stuck there and it doesn't work, read the many threads about it and it will be fine!! Updating always works!

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PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile

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