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Release Candidate Firmware V1.24 RC12
(03-21-2021, 06:14 PM)sak-rwsd Wrote: I spent some time dialing in modulation yesterday and realized that on the MIDI tracks, it doesn’t show the decimal value (in the box to the bottom right) for items in the FX tracks (e.g. modulation values).  It displays all these values elsewhere, including FX columns in modular tracks.  

Also, is there any way to show note values for modulation in the MIDI FX tracks (for instance when I’m sequencing a synth by MIDI, but using the CV/Mod outputs through FX to modulate some of it’s parameters which I can’t access via MIDI)?  

I find that easier to work with for values, though if I was able to see the decimal equivalent that would be good enough.  Otherwise, I’ve ended up pulling out a Hex to Decimal calculator here and there.

Otherwise, it’s been a delight modulating via NERDSEQ.  Just put in an order for the more CV!  With the MIDI, I even have the NERDSEQ controlling faders in my Ableton set, just for fun (obviously the resolution will be more limited than if I automate from within Ableton itself).

Oh, i got to check where the decimal values are missing.

There is only the CV/MOD fx and no note FX. You could use one of the midi columns to play that CV output with notes. Maybe a extension for the CV/MOD commands to do also notes would make sense. Not for this release.
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