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Release Candidate 1 Firmware V1.16 (RC6 UPDATE)
Ho there,

finally after some weeks of tweaking, testing and finetuning, here is the release candidate for the next Version V1.16 RC1.
!!! Currently updated to RC6 !!! Attached file is updated.

Compared to the last preview they are many little changings, fixes and many new features. Important to know, if you tested the preview as well, that the automators are non-destructive anymore. That means, for all destinations, if you turn off the automator or change the destination, the original destination value resets again. So browsing through the destinations won't hurt your settings anymore.
Old Projects from versions 1.15 and older can be imported now. Projects from the preview won't be fully compatible and might need some manual corrections.

Be sure you check this version well and report all oddities. I tested all well, but they can always be some combination which could cause a problem, as there is many new stuff included. I expect no critical issues.
Also i count on you for testing as i want to mark this version stable as soon as possible. Please provide feedback!

Before you update, be sure that you BACKUP your SD card/Projects Idea
In case you save a project with this, you won't be able to load it on a V1.15 or older (if you rollback to an older version for some reason).

A new manual draft is added to now to at least basically explain the new functions.

Here is again a list of all new features:
  • Added: Automations. 8 Automation slots with the modulation matrix to output the automators to several internal and external functions.
    Current Automators:    LFO, CV inputsLFO automator with the following settings: Speed, Offset, Invert, Clock, Range, Waveform (Sinus, Triangle, Sawtooth, White and pinknoise), Bitrate, Phase.All automator settings can be manipulated from the FX column of a track. Also, several LFO settings can be manipulated by another automator slot: Speed, Range, ResetCV input automator got no settings yet (for next version).Automator destinations: Track 1..6: CV, MOD, Trigger Length (overrules the next trigger in length), Trigger Delay (overrules the next trigger delayed gate function), FX1..FX4 Overrule (overrules the next FX values), CV/MOD Glide+Steps, All probabilities, Step Overrule (experimental)Sample tracks 7,8: Pitch, Volume, Bitcrush, Distortion, Sample position, FX Overrule, All probabilities, Step overrule (experimental)
  • Change: Trigger column overrules the auto-gating from notes. So if a note is filled in and a trigger (from trigger column) at the same step, then the trigger got high priority
  • Added: Next Random FX overrule in FX column. The next FX value from destinations (0 = random fx column, 1..4 = FX 1..4) will be overruled by a random value.
  • Added: Old projects from versions older than 1.16 can be loaded
  • Added: time in sample pattern screen
  • Added: Din-Sync24 output (for clock)
  • Added: Edit steps (change in setup screen). Cursor jumps automatically the amount of steps further when inserting a new value with SHIFT + CURSOR-UP in the pattern screen. Be aware that this can be confusing when you are used to insert values with SHIFT + CURSOR-UP. Inserting new values without the steps jumping can be done with SHIFT + CURSOR-RIGHT. You can disable this function to get back as it used to be if the editsteps are 0.
  • Added: OK button on the trigger column triggers the underlying trigger value
  • Added: Current running table is visible in the pattern screen.
  • Added: Table Stop command. Be aware, tables are not being stopped anymore by using a patch.
    Table stop is the value left of Table 00.
  • Added: All tracks play (SHIFT + START) from inside a pattern (same like on the sequencer screen)
  • Added: Screensaver.
  • Fix: BRK in sample tracks works now as suppose to be in combination with probability
  • Added: PAGE UP/DOWN in patch screen
  • Added: Clone patch with SHIFT + OK on a current patch
  • Added: Setting (setup screen) to automatically add also a trigger in the trigger column when inserting a note.
  • Added: Sample offset FX
  • Added: Note Prelisten when pressing OK on note (works also with SHIFT + CURSOR-UP/DOWN + OK)
  • Added: Note insertion (note scale) on MOD column. Fast switch by using OK on the mod column swaps
    between 000, 800, C-0, C-4, C-8.
  • Added: Screen wrap-around (enable in setup screen). Cursor swaps back to the begin/end of the screen up/down/left/right.
  • Added: Setup function: Reset all values/settings on song stop.
  • Added: Highlight rows. The row highlighting from the pattern screen can be changed in the setup screen
    (eg, every 4th row is highlightened)
  • Added: Special FX command with multiple functions: Stop track after pattern ready, Stop track directly, Stop Song, Set/Reset clock output, Pulse clock output, Set/reset RESET output, Pulse Reset output, Reset all track current values, Reset all current values,
    Goto random position, Resync track, Resync All.
  • Added: Modwheel input for live manipulation through MIDI (for MOD)
  • Fix: Mute didn't affect the FX column well
  • Added: Nerd Menu: Reset current Track values, Reset All current values, Resync Track, Resync All
  • Added: Pattern Names. You can give each pattern a name now. (Add name in Nerd Menu on the pattern screen)
  • Fix: Screen edit inconsistencies
  • Added: Trigger function 'FD' will toggle the trigger.
  • Updated: Many small updates and fixes in the screens and background to get a smoother usability feeling and higher performance. Screen change is now much snappier. Removed many mini-glitches.
I will get through all the changings again before the stable release, so there might be the one or another additional improvement i forgot to mention now.
As usual, no guarantees for productive use with the Release Candidates. I would use it, but i can't guarantee that there might be minor issues.

And now, download it and help to mark it stable as soon as possible! Waiting for your feedback! (Please use only this thread for any issues until the stable release)

Attached Files
.hex   nerdseq.hex (Size: 2,23 MB / Downloads: 22)
.pdf   nerdseq_manual_1_0_1_draft.pdf (Size: 2,08 MB / Downloads: 151)
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile
Hell yeah ! thanks!
Wowowowow it just keeps getting more and more powerful!!
Nice one. Thanks for the hard work. Will report back if anything unusual arises. Cheers!
Thanks for all your hard work. Cant wait to dive into this.
Thanks Thomas!!
Superb!! NerdSeq is killer!! Thank you Thomas.
I just updated to RC2 which gives some improvements to the trigger length stabilty as well as an old never implemented but planned trigger feature:
FD - Toggles the trigger. So if it was set, then it will reset and the other way around. The attached file is replaced with the RC2 version.
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile
will install that right now , thx again and again for the love you put in this machine !
Sad still no sample preview !?

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