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What are y'all using for CV Input control
I'm still trying to tame this beast.

What do you guys use in the CV inputs to record to a mod track? Has anyone used an attenuator with an offset to dial in some knob movements to record to the mod lane? 

I understand it's stepped, just wondering if I can turn a knob over a few steps and have it record that modulation into just those the steps?

Can you hear the modulation destination change as you live record from the CV inputs? 

I don't have an attenuator to try this, I'm just curious what y'alls experience has been.



Edit: Hmmmm, using an LFO, it doesn't appear like you can pass the CV in to the modulation output and monitor it live. You can only record and even then you can't hear the result until after its been recorded. Bummer. 

Being able to monitor CV input prior to or during live recording would be a game changer here. 
Kinda disappointed... or am I missing something?

Is this something already mentioned in the feature request sub forum?

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