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Pattern launch behaviour
In the screenshoot I have attached you can see the Sequencer view. If I press "Shift + Start" the song begins:
The first track repeats only the patterns from steps 00 and 01 in loop. While the second and third tracks plays all the patterns from top to down.
When I reach to step 07, the first track doesnt play it, and continues looping steps 00 and 01.
Is there a way to launch the first track on step 07?

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You have an 'island' between the pattern in slot 2 on track 1 and the pattern in slot 7 on track 1.
Move the pattern in slot 7 to slot 3.
I assume simply repeating patterns 0C and 03 isn't an option!?

You could clone 01 in row 06 and at the end of that clone start the whole of row 7 unconditionally (i.e. STSP 007).

Kind regards,
This almost did the trick!
I did put the STSP command in the last row of the clonned pattern. And yes, all the 07 row was started. But the first track is slightly delayed I think. It's not in perfect sync with the other tracks.
Does something like SPFX 102 work, i.e. can you stop Track 1 from Track 2?
If yes then FX1 == SPFX 102 and FX2 == STSP 007 at the and of the clone of 01 should do the job.

Otherwise a (new) command "Start the given Row at the end of this pattern" would come handy.
Thanks for the help.
I dont have SPFX 102. I cannot put this Special FX command. I cannot stop Track1 from Track2.
Ok, here's another try (haven't tried it because I'm not in reach of my modular):
Maybe it is possible to use SPFX 003 to stop the song as a whole and at the same time (re)start from row 07 by:
FX1 == SPFX 003 and FX2 == STSP 007 at the and of the clone of 01

Just guessing.

If not then we may need extensions to commands SPFX 001, SPFX 002, SPFX 00A, SPFX 00D, SPFX 00F and SPFX 010 such that the first digit denotes the track that is affected. For SPFX 001 this adds the questions whose pattern's end is meant:
That of the track denoted by the first digit or that of the track on which this command appears...
...and of course the answer is:
Both should be possible :D
Thanks mgd I tried to stop the song. But then, the it doesn't continue playing and it stays stopped.

Some new commands to stop another track would be great!
STSP 0XX does a 'start whole row' and includes all tracks

Also a easy way to stop several tracks would be to make a stop track somwhere down the sequencer screen = make a row of
** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Now you just use STSP and select the track or all tracks and this row. It will stop the selected tracks.
I think that should cover all you need.
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile
As I have understood it, the problem jlamores is trying to solve involves (re)synching tracks with patterns of different lengths. Stopping the track was just an attempt to work around the "problem" that STSP does not immediately start the next pattern but waits for the currently playing to end.

Here is a simplified example. Let's assume the following sequencer screen:
00 01
-- 02
03 04

Pattern 00 be 8 steps long, pattern 01 and 02 each 7 steps, all the same clock. However pattern 03 and 04 shall start concurrently regardless of pattern 00 being in the middle or at the end of its loop. Putting a STSP 002 at the end of pattern 02 does start 03 and 04, but not concurrently because 03 waits for pattern 00 to finish its current loop (which in this example is 2 clocks after 02 has ended).

I have not tried this because I'm in the middle of restructuring my case and don't have it working yet, but that's how I understood the problem as of jlamores second post in this thread (see above).

Is it possible to have 03 and 04 start concurrently and how?

Kind regards,

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