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Pattern launch behaviour
Yes. mgd. That was the problem: sync

In my screenshot from the first post:
Patterns 0C was 16 steps long. Repeated 3 times and with a clock x2
Pattern 03 was 16 steps long. Repeated 2 times and with a clock x4
At the end, the sum of these 2 patterns was a normal 64 steps at x2 clock. So it should be synced perfectly with the STSP command, and it wasn't. Maybe this is a bug.

What I have done to solve this problem is that I rewrote this patterns 0C and 03 as a simple pattern (64steps x2). And now, using the STSP command everything syncs perfectly.
It might be related to this:

This has been fixed (release candidates) and would maybe fix also your sync issue.
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
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This seems the same issue. Thanks!!

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