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Still Struggling with Quantizing HALP
(03-11-2021, 03:33 PM)mgd Wrote: Maybe you can describe more precisely what you actually did, what you expect precisely and what happens.

From the above I basically understand "you have notes that are correctly quantized as designed but there are strange artefacts".

Is that what happens?

Kind regards,

PS: I've tried to replicate your findings and the only setting, that created something remotely resembling your description was when I had set "quantize" to "coin". That basically went away when I inceased the time to 24 (4*6 or 18 in hex).

Is that what you do?

So you set the ticks to 24 which slows the table way down?  ...that makes sense as the table wont update or quantize 6 ticks per quarter note. That's seems so simple and obvious, clearly I'm novice when it comes to trackers. 

Theoretically (i'm not in front of the nerdseq at the moment to check) but 24 ticks is great if your just quantizing quarter notes, but what if you have a pattern than has some quarter notes and then some whole notes too, then you'll still hear the table quantizing the ticks at quarter note intervals from the table while the whole note plays through.

I suppose you could just use a different table for each note duration, 16ths, 1/8ths, half, whole, etc etc and then you wouldn't hear the quantization steps / tick because the table ticks would match the note lengths.

I hoping there is more direct path to pitch quantization than having to use different tables for each note duration.

My apologies if I'm not clear on the correct terminology.

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