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Still Struggling with Quantizing HALP
(03-16-2021, 12:41 PM)Bleep bleep Wrote: Hello, you could set your table with an automator as source. 
Then use this automator in envelope mode and trigger it with the gates of the track you are using.

This gonna make the table to go one step every time you trigger a note.

Another way to do the same thing is to use a cv input instead as a source and just feed it with the trigger output of the track you use.

So you have choice to spend either a cv in or one envelope and one automator Smile

I'm not at the NerdSeq now, but do I select the automator as source instead of tics in the table? Where do I assign the automator to table?

Edit: in the manual, it does appear that source is set from inside the table. I'm going to try this tonight! Thanks for the tip!

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