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Still Struggling with Quantizing HALP
(03-18-2021, 07:14 PM)Karlo Wrote: My envelope usage is basic. Type: ADSR, Source: Gate 1, Destination: Mod 3

This goes into the CV input of Intellijel Quac VCA. You can hear the aliasing best if you use a signal without a lot of high frequency content, like a sinewave bass or sawtooth wave with low pass filter rolling off all the highs. Use headphones.

Aliasing? From an envelope?
How shall that technically happen?

As I previously wrote, the only thing I could imagine is some sort of AM caused by early or late oscillation. I'd need a project file to check on a scope.

Have you tried with a different VCA?

(03-18-2021, 07:14 PM)Karlo Wrote: I only speculate it's aliasing based on how it sounds. I also read a thread (I think it was on novation bass station 2 thread) where the consensus was the digital envelope was creating artifacts or noises in the output signal due to aliasing. 

Something to look into.

How could that possibly be aliasing?
Provide a project that shows this behaviour. That's better than this guess work and hearsay.

Kind regards,

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