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Still Struggling with Quantizing HALP
Regarding the envelopes. I think it's in the decay stage. In one shot mode and cycle modes the blip is most pronounced and harder to dial out. In one shot mode, much longer decay times seem to dial it out, but I can't dial it out in loop mode. I tried this will all 4 VCA's on my Intellijel Quad VCA. Same result in each VCA. I used a sine wave as the signal into the VCA. Headphones. I'll post the project file. Stay tuned.

For the quantization, your detailed response:

"Empty table, loop, resync, whatever, that doesn't really matter.
Speed 1
Source internal tick or time(better)
Choose your notes
Quantization to either UP or DOWN
Actually, the most easy configuration you can think about. I tested that today again, it works. "

Worked great! Thank you.

What I was doing before wasn't working for me before because I had speed to 6, because I thought the table speed needed to align with the the pattern steps, causing the gated quarter note to quantize on every step. It makes sense now. I'm learning! Thank you.

here is my project file. I use a different envelope on each track and then just smash keys on my midi controller with the midi channel assigned to the relevant track. Midi ch 1 -> track 1, Midi ch 2 -> track 2, etc etc. 

track one has my quantization test on it. 

Use a sine wave for the signal and listen through headphones for the blip in the (decay stage?) of the envelope. I think I have the blip dialed out on the ADSR type on track 4... for comparison.

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