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More CV 16: Pattern lengths per column
I don't give this any chance and here are the reasons:

I think already the fact that each track independent can run independently ( in a controlled way!! ) is already quite a luxus.

Keeping track of every column depending on tracktype with it's own kind of sequencing (which it would be then) is a hell to maintenance. I do this already with the sample tracks where you have like 2 'independent' sets of columns and they are so many side effects involved, own timings (next request is of course if they can have their own clocking.... ).
Which column is leading for the pattern, what should happen when a part of the pattern reaches the end, what would happen with jump commands, handling with groove settings. Tons of parameters which would need to be added which would involve quite a time to get it working properly. Indicators (because that would be the next request).
So basically, this is a too big thing to do and the benefit would be for a very small amount of users.

Splitting the CV into multiple tracks would be the way to go.
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile

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