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More CV 16: Pattern lengths per column
As much as I’m among the voices wishing for a little more flexibility with track type for tracks 7 and 8, I think it worth occasionally reminding myself and others that, as it is, NerdSEQ is almost comically powerful relative to other Eurorack sequencers. People almost don’t believe me, until I show them a photo, that one of my sequencers has eighty-two (82!) CV/gate outputs.

And then I added a second one. Big Grin (Albeit with less outputs.)

I know this is a first-world-problem-&-solution level of suggestion but: “Would having more ... tracks ... be a possibility” already exists. It’ll just cost you another 32 HP. Wink

Note that the two clock extremely well together. I use my first to drive my second using DIN sync style 24 PPQN with run/stop. The second lags barely behind the first (I had to zoom in really quite far on the scope) and actually chases things like large FX-driven BPM changes remarkably well.

Just to be safe, I’ve opted to have the master NerdSEQ drive meta-sequencing that should apply voltage earlier (e.g. driving quantizer settings) and all percussion, but to be clear any sync impact of these tempo jumps was barely visible on the scope and essentially inaudible in general sequenced material. It’s that good. Buy more NerdSEQs. Big Grin

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