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Can the NerdSeq be configured for Midi to CV
I am looking at various controller options for live noodling on my eurorack, and I was wondering if I can configure the NerdSeq to act as a Midi to CV converter? I've been looking through the manual and figured I'd ask in case anyone else had tried to do the same.
I have no idea if that's possible or not. I'm just wondering why would you want to do that?
No offence intended, I'm just curious.

Kind regards,
It was a long time ago now, last summer roughly, but I feel like I’ve tested this successfully using live mode to go from MIDI to CV outputs, probably modular and CV 16. (I’ve definitely done it with both cursor edit and record mode, that’s for sure. It’s pretty key to my workflow.) I’d have to double-check live mode, though, and even then my use case for it was in pretty limited, safe, territory.

I suspect you can do at least some of this, but I suppose the real question is just how much you need/want. One monophonic CV/gate pair? More?
There is a Cuckoo video on Youtube that demonstrates this pretty well, in fact, Cuckoos tutorial is one of the main reasons why I chose NerdSEQ:

I'm not sure what your intent is or how far you want to go with converting MIDI to CV, but if you just want to plug in a controller to the expander and play and record some notes... it works good after a little bit of set up... If you want to send a bunch of control messages I don't think that's possible but I'm not sure really. Hopefully someone will reply with their experience.

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