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Clock question
Hi all,

When most patterns are 4 bars, and I have one pattern which is 1 bar, how do I reset the clock so the bar at the top goes back to the start so that the next patterns will all start in time?

I'm not quite sure I understand what you wish to achieve. Could you elaborate a bit more?
I seems like you want the one bar pattern to play only during the first bar of the four bar patterns. Is that right? If so the easiest thing is probably to have three empty 'rest' bars at the end of the one bar pattern - but maybe you mean something different.

So imagine a track made of 4 bar patterns. There is a 1 bar bridge in the middle before a drop, it plays once.

After that, the next pattern starts on bar 2 of the clock instead of bar 1. Due to this, other patterns ahead of this don’t start in time with the track. Thus, after the one bar pattern plays I need to reset the clock.
What do you mean by "reset the clock"?

Do you wish to end playing a pattern prematurely?
And if so, can't you do it by inserting a break?
Or create a set of shorter patterns in line with your 1 bar bridge? After all that's what you want anyway if I understood you right (still not sure I know what you want to achieve...)

Kind regards,
The beat counter along the top and bottom needs to reset after 1 bar so that all the next patterns start in time.
What prevents you from inserting bridge patterns for the other tracks?
Are you doing this interactively or trying to sequence it out ahead of time? If the former then you might be able to adjust the project-level live quantize setting to a value that suits your needs and then use double-presses of the start button more frequently.

This shows up in association with a few phrases in the manual like “live quantize”, “live queue”, etc. but a search for “main clock” can probably get you to most or all of those spots.

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