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fine/individual tuning v/octave
So I'm having proble with tuning of the channels outputs of 5 and 6, for some reason they are a bit off (maybe my multimeters are wrong...) regarding the rest of the channels. Because of this and that some modules are not easy to tune, I would love to tune each individual CV output in very small increments to achieve proper tuning of Oscilators.

So maybe something like    ±0.01 and ±0.05?

Here is another idea for the "tuning mode" (maybe it exists but I cant find it).

So when you enter tuning mode, a single note is output on all CV outputs, lets say C1, C2, C3, etc.. so I can select the note.

Then if I have all the outputs plugged into my oscillators I can manually tune them with the fine/coarse controls of the oscillators, if for some reason a single oscillators is slightly off I can add ±0.01 until its tuned.

Then when exiting the "tune mode" all the edited offsets in the nerdseq are saved.

With this I'll only have to tune coarse and fine controls of the oscillators whenever I turnon my modular.

Another different idea would be to use the inputs of the nerdseq to "count" the frequency output of my oscillators for example a squarewave or sine, and that the nerdseq automatically tunes the cv output.
You have a calibration function (in the setup screen) for each output where you can calibrate the offset and the range (say the 0 volt position and the 10 volt position). Thats means a precision of maximum +-0.02 %.
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