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Arpeggiate Midi Notes?
Hi all

I'm loving my NerdSeq, over and over again I'm amazed by the genius of it's design, and it keeps getting better. I have to admit though I'm using it for Midi a lot more than it was probably originally designed for, so I'm super stoked that midi has been getting as much love as everything else.

That said, one thing I've been unable to do with midi effectively is arpeggiate. On a CV-track I'd use a table but they are not implemented in midi atm (it also would be nice to have an ARP-command).

Am I missing something or is there a workaround? I've been thinking of using a table on a 'dummy' CV-track and modulating the note on the midi track from there, but even if that worked, I get a feeling that would introduce more issues than it solves...

Thanks for any pointers or ideas!

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