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How to stop a repeating pattern w/o stopping the sequencer
Hi Forum,

I have a pattern that has a few "intro" steps (some sort of upbeat) and then consists of 3 bars that are repeated. The pattern is in total 37 (decimal) steps long and on the 37th step in FX1 I have a BRK 105 to jump (and thus loop). I start the pattern with START (cursor on the pattern). Eventually I wish to stop this and hit STOP (cursor still on the pattern). However it continues to run. I only get it to stop by hitting STOP again (it then stops immediately) or of course SHIFT STOP.

This is a MIDI track but I suppose this happens with any track type!?

My guess is the BRK 105 prevents the pattern from "ending" and thus a single STOP never actually stops. Is there a way to make it work?
Splitting the pattern into two is not trivially a solution because I don't wish the upbeat part to be repeated.

What should work is splitting the upbeat part into its own island and put the repeated part into another island that I jump to from the upbeat part. That seems quite some effort for something that should be fairly common. Any other way to solve this?
Could I somehow mark the BRK 105 as "this is the end of the pattern"?

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

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