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Reset All FX
Hi! I'v come across this issue a few times now.

I'll have different trigger and CV probabilities for one pattern. Naturally, those settings carry over to the next pattern but, oftentimes, I am creating a new "beat" and want to reset all FX to 0000 without having to waste a number of steps. Is there 1 FX that resets all? Does KILL do this without killing the note?

Also, I cannot for the life of me figur eout if probability (trigger, cv, etc.) 0000 or probability 0064 is 100% probability. Both seem to still skip some. I just to be able to set 100% probability for, say, certain snares while all else goes back to 0024 or whatever. Does that make sense? I know there's probability by step for ch 1-6 but it seems to be missing for drums? Just some thoughts - thanks!
Hey, i see this is unanswered. Sorry for some reason i missed it.

Is this still a problem? I think the easiest is to reset the probabilities through the patches and also the current values screen helps to find out if the probabilities are still set well and not maybe overwritten somewhere.
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile
Hi! No problem on the delay. Yeah, its still an issue for me. Because I track entire sets in one file - and will often play the patterns in different orders - I'm always doing detective work to figure out what effect is still on and why and then I end up losing a bunch of slots at the beginning of many patterns just resetting my probabilities etc.

Anyway, it's not a huge deal but I would find it really helpful for all channels (though maybe mostly for samples since I often forget to reset effects at the beginning of every chain haha

The second part I figured out.. my 2hp kick drum doesn't always respond to note ons so I have to send it a manual gate. Problem solved!

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