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Midi sync (negative) delay

I'm on the never-ending quest to make my DAW play nicely with all of the hardware. I am trying to make Ableton the main clock, fed into nerdseq and distributed from nerdseq to all other MIDI devices.

Using MIDI out from the DAW into nerdseq was a jittery mess. However, I have now tried the CV tools outputting a DIN clock on two channels from my audio interface which seems to be rock solid without any perceivable jitter. Nerdseq effectively serves as translator between DIN clock and MIDI sync for all other devices.

My last remaining issue is that the MIDI devices need additional processing time and thus are not perfectly in sync with the Nerdseq clock. Would it be possible to add a setting to Nerdseq that would allow to shift the midi clock output in Nerdseq? There seems to be an inherent delay between clocks output from Nerdseq and for example Tanzbaer which is synced using MIDI, regardless whether Nerdseq is the main clock or set as follower. A simple offset would solve my last clocking problems Smile

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