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Release Candidate Firmware V1.25 RC5
(07-26-2021, 09:40 PM)dustypatches Wrote: Congrats on the latest RC release! Sick featurelist and I have yet to encounter any bugs.

I'm super excited to see the Video expander in the Track Assign list. I had a go with it, made some fun shapes and colors, and my mind just went wild with the possibilities. I know that with time it'll make its way into the manual eventually, but in the meantime can you please describe some of the functions in the Video expander screen? A cheatsheet would be incredible! There are a lot of commands that are easy to infer what they do and some that are going over my head. Thanks for your hard work!

The functions of the video expander screen are not supported and highly unofficial. So no guarantees at all and no promises that they will be official at any point.

Check this:

Quote:What you can already do right now (which is also unfinished here and there and is only a small set of what I tested and experimented with already) → When you set a track to be a video track, then you get some video functions:
Mode → Clone / Sequence. Sequence is here the only current mode to make ‘animations’.
Color → Change the color of text or the ‘pens’.
Set X/Y → Set position to X/Y for text, shapes or pens
Line → Draw line x/y
Circle → draw circle with radius (Filled and not filled) to X/Y
Rectangle → Draw rectangle …
Bar → (filled rectangle)
Fill → Fill screen with color
SFNT → Set font (with backgroundcolor or transparent)
Text → Draw text ( 4 letters max now, since they are 2 command columns you can for now draw 8 letters per step per track)
Surf → Add or Sub color from surface. (could be used to generate a fade to color/fade out effect)
And some others which are not implemented. Upper functions are also only partly working as I changed some of these on the fly.
A fun part is to use the automators because they have also video destinations on a video track:
Pen X. Pen Y, Circle X, Circle Y, Color Red/Green/Blue, Bar X, Bar Y.
If you make a LFO for PEN X and another for PEN Y and use other LFO’s for the color, then you can create nice Lissajous for example (or draw the LFO waveforms etc). Using the SURF command to let it fade out… Interresting results come when you set the LFO speed for Pen X and Y to very high speeds and keep the speeds very close to each other (like only 1 - 20 numbers away), then you get nice patterns causes by the lower sample rate of the LFO’s.
There is already some room to experiment. But as i said, highly experimental and unfinished.

They are some more commands as you probably notice, but they got no implementation so far. Also the editing itself is far from being finished.

Please take this only as a highly experimental and partly not full working features. I will for sure keep on working on it, but how far, I don't know. It has to work 100% well before it gets a chapter in the manual   Smile
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile

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