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sample choke groups
Apologies if this has been covered...I did do a forum search for 'hihat', 'choke', etc but nothing turned up. I have also read through the audio track section of patterns several times but it is not obvious to me how to accomplish the following:

I'd like to put open & closed hihats on a single audio track and program them with probability.

As an example, I'd like to play the closed hihat 75% of the time, but if it is not playing I'd like to play the open hihat 25% of the time (note: not 25% of total time, 25% of the time the closed hihat is not playing, so effectively 1/8th of the time).  Is there anyway to pull this off with audio track FX?  I can see a way to load them both up and program them for the respective probabilities, but how do I make the 2nd sample only play on steps where the first pattern is not?

I was thinking I could use PROW along with SETW...set total row probability to 75% and then use SETW to replace the closed hihat with the open hihat, but I would need a 3rd fx to set the probability of the setw command?  I suppose I could PRF2 to 25% in first row of the pattern with the only downside being I could never begin with an open hihat.  I'm also not sure if SETW can ovewrite the identified sample in the sample field?  This also would play the open hat much more frequently than I would prefer...

Am I missing something silly?


I had thought this was trivial and should basically work as you describe above, namely insert PRF2 25% into FX 1 of the first row, place SETW 0000 (assuming that's CH) into every FX 1 where you want a HH and SETW 0001 (OH) into every FX 2 where you have put SETW 0000 into FX 1 (basically always put SETW 0000 and SETW 0001 into FX 1 and FX 2 where you wish a HH to play).

The expectation being that in 25% of cases SETW 0001 would be triggered and SETW 0000 otherwise. You could even set PRF2 25% in an initial "parameter setup pattern" at whose end you jump to the island with your HH pattern. You could change Probability for FX 2 in between as well to change density of OH etc.

However apparently I can't get SETW to choose any sample whatsoever. Apparently there is something very basic that I'm missing.

Kind regards,
I think that is OK as a substitute, but it doesn't accomplish exactly what I'm hoping for, namely that the OH probability is only effective when the CH does not play. So for example I could set PRF1 75%, PRF2 12.5%, and then SETW 0000 in FX1 and SETW 0001 in FX2. This is somewhat acceptable if it works!
It seems like mgd has laid out what you want. What he described would always set use of the closed hat but then 25% of the time override it to open. From there you could add more PRF2 commands in various places to change probabilities, you can use less than all of the rows, etc.

The only constraint that comes to mind at the moment is that your open hat can only be open for as long as until the next event would land naturally, though there’s probably a very NerdSEQ way to address that too. (e.g. normally 16th closed hats but with occasional open hats that ring out for an 8th.)
Except for the fact that (a) neither of us can get SETW to work, and (b) I want the CH to happen probabilisticly as well.
I got to test again but as far as i remember, SETW does not overrule if on the same row a sample or wave is set (between note and volume).
It rather can be used to change a running waveform. So i think it can't be used for this function. (for now)
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile
(07-19-2021, 07:30 PM)XORadmin Wrote: I got to test again but as far as i remember, SETW does not overrule if on the same row a sample or wave is set (between note and volume).
It rather can be used to change a running waveform. So i think it can't be used for this function. (for now)

That makes sense.  I tested it both by having CH in the sample column and trying to override with OH in the SETW (FX2), and that didn't work.  Then I tried to put CH in a SETW command in FX1 and OH in a SETW command on FX2 with no sample specified in the sample column that did not work either.

I can see SETW being very useful for a psuedo-wavetable mode using a tabl function!



EDIT: Actually I mis-spoke about the example.  The way I currently do this (with a Monome Crow) is play the CH 75% of the time that the BD is not playing, and play the OH 90% of the time the CH & BD are not playing.  It sounds pretty nice.

Another thing that could be done is using the new euclidean patterns and randomizing (with range) the offset and fill, but again I would want the CH to choke the OH.

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