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FX Not Working 1st Time
The Select Track Clock used as an FX to change the speed of a track to Divide by 2 is not working until the pattern has played around twice - essentially having the FX played/triggered twice for it to activate.

The Select Track Clock is on Step 1 of Pattern 2. As soon as the sequencer plays Step 1 of Pattern 2, the Track Clock should play at half the speed no?

I presume that therefore this is a bug and this is not how it should function. 

I have not tried other FX to see if this is across all of them, only on the Select Track Clock.

I am on the latest RC firmware.
I moved this to the 'General Questions' forum since this is not a crash situation and also not a bug.

You set the regular clock command which will affect the next playing pattern, the same like if you change the clock from the Nerd Menu to change the clock, this will be in a normal case active when the pattern is finished.

If you want the current playing pattern to change to the new clock setting immidiately you got to use the force function with the same FX. This will work fine if used on the first row.
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
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