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Gate length on CV16 tracks with 16th notes

With 16th notes on CV16 tracks I don't know of a proper way to control the length of the gate for the envelopes as there is essentially just a single field to enter the envelope. A>R (i.e. ^x0) gives a very short gate while A>S (i.e. ^x1) results in a gate essentially the whole 16th note long. Is there a way to have the gate e.g. a 32th note long? Or generally end the gate a (configurable) number of ticks before the end of the note?

Or is this feature request material?

Kind regards,

PS: I'm aware I could achieve that by (temporarily) doubling the speed of the track and thus have 2 steps/rows per 16th which would allow for more detailed control for 16th, but that
  • seems a waste of patterns
  • requires additional attention to keep patterns in synch over various tracks
  • would then create the same problem for 32th notes (should I want to use them)
There is no special gating for the CV16 outputs except the per step possibility. (which is still a modulation that is used as a gate).
That might be something for a future update or you could just create this once the tables are enabled for the CV16 expander.
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