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[FIXED] Display not cleared - CV 16 Setup (track)
(09-01-2021, 09:52 PM)XORadmin Wrote:
(09-01-2021, 09:20 PM)JX3D Wrote: 1.25 RC5. Some characters are not cleared when scrolling. Picture 2 is a page down.

[Image: p.jpeg?fv_content=true&size_mode=5]

[Image: p.jpeg?fv_content=true&size_mode=5]

Please post issues with the Release Candidates in the Release Candidate Thread.
I will check it out tomorrow.

The photos appear to be deleted, so I couldn't confirm whether this matches what I'm seeing (running v1.25):  when I'm using the Track Assign screen for my CV16 expander, the right-most half of the red select cursor sometimes gets left behind (i.e., is not completely refreshed) when scrolling around the screen, specifically when transition from the top of the screen (with the random/destination/glide/modulations settings, when the red cursor is wide and the right half of the screen isn't used to display any envelope/LFO details), to lower down on the screen (into the envelope/LFO settings, where the cursor gets shortened by about 40%, and that truncated 40% stays on the screen, in spite of how you move around the cursor).  I only get this when I move down with the up/down keys (not the cursor-control keys).  If I just scroll up and down with the cursor-control keys, everything looks fine.

I can send photos if this is something yet unreported.

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